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Friday Links – September 28, 2012

Lots of stuff. Expect upcoming weeks to have less.

The Colbert Report – Vince Gilligan Pt. 1

“Breaking Bad” executive producer Vince Gilligan talks about meth street names and human nature. ”Breaking Bad” mastermind Vince Gilligan spends all of his time making the wrong moral choices for Bryan Cranston’s character.

Sorry for the direct link to a Viacom site and the glutton of ads but this is nowhere on YouTube. Easy to forget how good Colbert can be sometimes. Not a very informative interview but still good. This might have a slight season 5 spoiler but I haven’t seen it yet but I wouldn’t worry about it. Also make sure to click though to part 2 on the right.

→ Dear Chrome, Slow Your Roll

To many of us, Chrome was the fresh, fast answer to Firefox. Now it seems to be following that same downward trajectory.

Chrome is still the best out there but really it’s the web getting worse. I have five extensions installed just to stop the evil and make things work and look correct. I know for sure that doesn’t help Chrome run any faster or feel any less bloated then a Firefox install.

Emmy Awards 2012: Cable dramas steal the show

The only categories in which broadcast networks did well was in sitcoms and reality series. Sitcoms – which continue to draw big audiences in repeats on local stations – remain a bulwark of the economic model for TV studios.

With the start of the NFL season I’ve had to start watching Fox to see the Lions. Fox’s current lineup of shows look so bad and almost all targeted towards females viewership. Shocking this is the same network that allowed 24 to be aired on their station.

Rise of the renter delays the dream of homeownership

People who have lost their good credit record, lost their confidence in the housing market, or lost secure jobs have been shifting from being owners to renters. Young people who in prior decades might have been buying first homes are living with parents or renting.

The scattered mind doesn’t know what what the plans are for tomorrow more or less 30 years from now.

 → What Your Beer Says About Your Politics

Americans who most often drink Dos Equis are in the middle-of-the-road while drinkers of Heineken’s flagship brand are strongly Democratic. Samuel Adams drinkers are strongly Republican, and more likely to vote.

Slightly disappointed in Coors Light, I expected more from you.

To hell and back: EA’s guerrilla marketing campaign for ‘Dante’s Inferno’

What ensued was one of the most complex campaigns in video-game history, one that got EA burned for fakery and sexism, and then—thanks to a bold change of direction—lauded for intellect and creativity. It’s also a case study in surprising frugality, with a $200,000 guerrilla budget that yielded 47 million impressions of coverage.

Know I’ve linked to this in the past but it’s an oldie but a goodie. Don’t ever forget the past crimes committed by EA on their route to victory as the Worst Company in America. Here is just more gasoline to keep the fires burning.

For College Students, Social Media Tops the Bar Scene

“Come on, let’s go smoke cigars and play drunken Madden,” Mr. Brogan said, moving his thumbs to mime an Xbox controller. Mr. McLaughlin’s phone lit up and he jumped, but alas, it was only a Facebook status update.

You can’t smoke in bars anymore and half the bars are filled with families. On top of that hardly anywhere sells cheap beer that isn’t a shit hole. I can see why students don’t go out as much anymore.

Aged to Perfection

Both the iPhone and the analog Canon served useful lives and have been replaced with their newest counterparts. The iPhone is being retired after 3 years because its touchscreen has stopped working. In contrast, the point-and-shoot camera works like new after 7 full years, but is being retired because it’s not digital.

Click though for the pictures. The photo of the iPhone is amazing.

Thrice – Paper Tigers (YouTube)

Artist : Thrice
Song : Paper Tiger
Album : The Artist in the Ambulance

Just a brief reminder that old Thrice is still awesome. Not that I don’t like their newer stuff but just sayin…


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