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Friday Links – September 21, 2012

Tame the egotistic mind. Know your own darkness. Then you’ll deal with anything.

Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life (YouTube)

The graphics look pretty good, but to sell me on it they should have shown more fighting sequences.

RocknRoll420763 4 hours ago

Rather good video. The best parts are the brief shots when the guy is blending.

Culture Clash: Meta Effect

My friend Pete and I were playing Mass Effect 3 at the same time. We’d both followed reasonably similar paths through its predecessors, but even so subtle differences add up. Pete and I stood on the threshold of Mass Effect 3 with profoundly different horizons to look toward.

And since it’s the 21st century we texted back and forth constantly as we played.

One of those articles that I would have written if I was, you know, a good writer.   The best part of Mass Effect 3 was talking to friends about Mass Effect 3.

Colorado man Wayne Watson wins $7 million in “popcorn lung” lawsuit

A verdict has been reached in the ongoing case of Colorado man Wayne Watson, who sued the manufacturer and retailers of microwave buttered popcorn that caused him to develop “popcorn lung” after eating two bags daily for 10 years.

Eat like shit multiple times a day, every day for ten years and get rewarded with $7 million dollars. Great lesson for the youth.

One In Five Job-Seekers Reject Employers Who Ban Social Media

One in five job-seekers (19.7%) say they would refuse to work for an employer who didn’t allow them to access social media in the workplace, according to survey results in a new white paper titled “Tomorrow’s Workforce” published by Hays, a recruitment firm based in the U.K.

What the hell is wrong with people.

The Perils of Coffee Snobbery

If you hate coffee snobs, or, really, just snobs, I urge you to watch the new Blue Bottle Coffee video, a trailer for the Blue Bottle Coffee book. You will take a kind of masochistic glee in how annoyed it will make you. I certainly feel this way. The cult of coffee, at least in its most puritanical form, is deeply alienating, even to me; for that reason, it strikes me as a telling fault line in American life.

Terrible article but highlights a positive move towards being knowledgeable about coffee. This is no different then the push towards local/craft and presidential homebrewing and the price Americans are willing to pay for the good stuff.

The Great Jobs Mystery: Why Are So Many Men Dropping Out of the Workforce?

First, men’s participation rate fell to its lowest point on record (since 1948). Second, the overall participation rate fell to its lowest point since 1981.

Click though and read the last paragraph. Also everybody should just start reading The Atlantic daily so I don’t have to.

Darksiders 2 – Into Eternity by Jesper Kyd (YouTube)

it reminds me of the perfect mix of assasins creed, prince of persia, god of war, and zelda all in one for sum epic shit.


Not sure how I feel about Darksiders 2 yet but this track on the soundtrack is awesome. First time I heard this song the only thing that came to mind is Chrono Trigger.

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5 Responses

  1. chouse says:

    re social media in the workplace – i know i wouldn’t want to work for an employer that bans such access, and if i knew ahead of time their policy, i’d probably write them off too. shows they don’t respect their employees to be smart with their time, treats them like children. web filtering in general sucks. just hire mature people who are smart enough to use their time at work wisely and not waste it.

  2. Vanberge says:

    I just saw that episode of season 4; and that scene is effing badass.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    “One In Five Job-Seekers Reject Employers Who Ban Social Media”

    Numerous studies are showing an increasing hostility towards employers that filter/ban these sites. When presented with this data, management of firms respond with their justification for their behavior, and ignore their expected talent loss.

    “The Great Jobs Mystery: Why Are So Many Men Dropping Out of the Workforce?”

    Of the major factors there, seems like the dual income one is only temporary, it won’t be long before a single income is insufficient to live on. Also, the Atlantic has been kicking ass lately.

  4. vanlandw says:

    Chouse – very good point. Filtering does suck but I was thinking would one really turn down a good job just because they couldn’t check social media sites?

    Vanberge – Agreed fully, Walt sometimes is just the man. I’m going to watch it again…

    JJ/A – At work I get filtered and I understand it’s there to curve abuse but with phones if you want to check that stuff you can. Would somebody really leave a job because a policy change wouldn’t let you go on facebook anymore?

    I’m shocked you guys all still are reading these…

  5. vanlandw says:

    Vanberge – that scene is so awesome. Just once I would like to have a conversation with somebody in the same tone.


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