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Friday Links – August 24, 2012

To let the world be

→ Microsoft Unveils a New Look

From Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8 to Xbox services to the next version of Office, you will see a common look and feel across these products providing a familiar and seamless experience on PCs, phones, tablets and TVs.

I like the color correlation in regards to their four main product lines and is an improvement over the old logo. It’s more shocking they didn’t screw it up like the Windows 8 logo. Also see Why Microsoft Got its Logo Right and what it would like like if other brands ripped off Microsoft’s new logo. (Via Chouse)

→ Why are Americans so…

For each of the fifty states and DC, I asked Google: “Why is [State] so ” and let it autocomplete. It seemed like an ideal question to get at popular assumptions, since “Why is [State] so X?” presupposes that X is true.

Michigan is about dead on. Wisconsin made me laugh.

Bye-Bye, Boomers: This Is the Age of the Baby Bust-ers

In normal times, millions of people get married in their mid-to-late 20s. They spend lots of money on a wedding. They buy a car, often with a loan. They buy a house, always with a loan. They buy new furniture and appliances. With their time and money coupled, expenses that were once extraneous now feel reasonable.

“In normal times”. Maybe the young are just trying to wise up? Who wants to have a family they cannot afford? Everybody is already stuck in growing credit card debt.

The Cheapest Generation

What if Millennials’ aversion to car-buying isn’t a temporary side effect of the recession, but part of a permanent generational shift in tastes and spending habits? It’s a question that applies not only to cars, but to several other traditional categories of big spending—most notably, housing. And its answer has large implications for the future shape of the economy—and for the speed of recovery.

The article talks about the appeal of automobiles to a younger generation. With gas prices so high driving has lost most of it’s past luster. Nobody cares what anybody drives because it’s known how expensive auto ownership is. Much of our money is just moving towards covering the rising price of survival and a growing prioritization and cost of connectivity. Nobody buys houses because of the everybody fears being shit canned from their jobs.

Enabling FaceTime Of Our Mobile Broadband Network

Thank you AT&T for providing a clear indication as to why we need far stronger regulation of your greedy industry which is so strongly anti-innovation. By the time we’re done with you, you’ll be begging for the loophole-filled toothless scribble that are the current net neutrality rules.

AT&T Customer (until next month)

Scathing Comments alert for the week.

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  1. chouse says:

    I thought you would find the msft re-branding interesting, if you hadn’t come across it already.

  2. chouse says:

    i’ve started leasing cars. i didn’t see it mentioned in the millenial article, but it works pretty good for me. A new car every couple of years, always covered under a warranty, for an affordable monthly payment. So affordable, in fact, that there isn’t much incentive to NOT have that monthly payment – i.e., buy a car and pay off the loan over a number of years. If I owned the car, the loan payment would be much higher than a lease payment, so I’m incetivized to pay off the loan – but then I’m stuck with an older car that’s out of warranty and may start needing expensive repairs. The way I see it, over a decade or so, I’ve spent less money on a car through leasing rather than buying, and I always get to enjoy that new car smell.

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