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Friday Links – August 10, 2012

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Netflix: Search Results for ’30 for 30′

30 for 30 is the umbrella title for a series of documentaries airing on ESPN and its sister networks. The first volume, which premiered in October 2009 and concluded in December 2010, chronicles 30 stories from the “ESPN era,” each of which detail the issues, trends, people, teams, or events that transformed the sports landscape since the sports network was founded in 1979.

30 for 30 is rather awesome. Suggest streaming the following: Catching Hell, Jordan Rides the Bus, Run Ricky Run, Marion Jones: Press Pause, and June 17, 1994. In December an episode will air about Bo Jackson that has to be great.

NASA Lands Car-Size Rover Beside Martian Mountain (YouTube)

Touchdown confirmed. We are safe on Mars. Time to see where our Curiosity will take us.

One of the best videos on the Internet. NASA might be the only government agency that really does benefit us all and of course their projected budget is not growing when it should be.

Can Hospital Chains Improve the Medical Industry?

Big chains thrive because they provide goods and services of greater variety, better quality, and lower cost than would otherwise be available. Size is the key. It gives them buying power, lets them centralize common functions, and allows them to adopt and diffuse innovations faster than they could if they were a bunch of small, independent operations.

Integrated care. I’ve learned and come to understand so much reading Dr. Gawande over the years.

Opinion: Video games and Male Gaze – are we men or boys?

I won’t pretend to be above biology: I like boobs and butts as much as the next hot-blooded heterosexual male. They’re just about the most aesthetically pleasing configurations of fat and muscle you can find on a person, and I am far from being immune to their charms. But women are a lot more than boobs and butts. That may seem obvious, but the game industry and its fans are demonstrating their ignorance of that fact time and time again.

Best opening sentence ever. Not a terrible comment thread either. For Mass Effect fans I think Miranda is more then a “walking ass” and of all the ME2 side stories in ME3 (non-romanced loyal) I thought hers was the best.

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