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Friday Links – July 27, 2012

In all the hells and worlds, the time has come…not to post much this week.

Is America Crazy? Ten Reasons it Might Be

“Every country has, along with its core civilities and traditions, some kind of inner madness, a belief so irrational that even death and destruction cannot alter it.”

Before I die I have to visit Japan just once.

The Apple (Used) Premium?

Apple offers a significant discount for its refurbished products. Actually, on average you can save 22% by buying refurbished – it’s a pretty good deal versus new.

For people who don’t have access to work discounts or workarounds for sales tax Apple refurb isn’t a bad option to save some dollars.

The Entrepreneurial Generation

No anger, no edge, no ego. What is this about? A rejection of culture-war strife? A principled desire to live more lightly on the planet? A matter of how they were raised — everybody’s special and everybody’s point of view is valid and everybody’s feelings should be taken care of?


The 10-Minute Workout, Times Three

The streets and gyms fill with people who, fueled by stories of Olympic success, “run or work out for an hour or more,” Dr. Gaesser says. But “within a few weeks, most people have quit” and resumed their sedentary lives.

Don’t have to work hard to be in decent shape and look half way decent. Take a walk do some curls, and skip a meal but don’t start wanting to run a marathon or lose 50 pounds.

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