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Friday Links – July 20, 2012

Wanting people to listen, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder anymore.

Survey finds 19% Without Religious Affiliation

Barry Kosmin, co-author of three American Religious Identification Surveys, theorizes why None has become the “default category.” He says, “Young people are resistant to the authority of institutional religion, older people are turned off by the politicization of religion, and people are simply less into theology than ever before.”

Sounds about right…

NBA Jersey Ads Likely in 2013

…“loose projection” that the patches would generate $100 million per season for the league’s 30 teams. Eric Smallwood of Front Row Marketing Services, who has studied the television exposure of various on-jersey ads, says that number may be closer to $125 million.

Shame on the NBA being the first of the big US sports leagues to sell out like this. Professional athletes should be displayed and pushed as stars and not tarnish that with a paid logo on their chest.

America Is a Violent Country

As before, the most striking features of the data are (1) how much more violent the U.S. is than other OECD countries (except possibly Estonia and Mexico, not shown here), and (2) the degree of change—and recently, decline—there has been in the U.S. time series considered by itself.

Seems relatable to that clip from The Newsroom (full ep1 here) that’s going around. This past week during three seperate occassions people have shown me this clip and it seems like it’s hitting a cord. Also see Assault Deaths Within the United States.

→ Pay Too Much

My favorite pair of jeans gets worn 10 times more often than my other jeans.  If I did away with the other jeans, I could afford to buy more of those things I really love.  What if all of our stuff was mind blowingly awesome, even if we had way less of it?

With clothes I absolutely agree higher quality goods are worth the money. Some deals I do think are worth searching for (for me it’s games and movies) but I do agree you can spend too much time deal searching.

The Vince McMahon School of Productivity

Don’t Cultivate Fear
“Certainly the best way to fail in management is to be distant and imperious. You shut people down. If you have all the answers, why is anyone around you? If your ego is so big, then there’s no room for anyone else’s. The fear stuff—that is so rotten. You have to earn everyone’s respect.”

Sorry again for all the WWE stuff I know nobody gives a crap but regardless, Vince is the man.

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