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Friday Links – July 13, 2012

Maybe this should be renamed to weekly links…

WWE Reenacted Chael Sonnen’s Failed Spinning Backfist

UFC 148, Chael Sonnen attempted a spinning backfist that was ducked by Anderson Silva. Sonnen tripped, took a knee to the grill, and the fat lady started singing. Two days later on WWE Raw, CM Punk paid a bit of tribute to one of the more theatrical MMA endings in recent memory.

Getting the WWE stuff out of the way. This is pretty clever actually. Watch the match here and the “tribute” happens at about 5:45.

1,000 episodes later, Mr. McMahon spills all

If you spend all of your energy trying to kill the other guy, your product suffers. If you don’t kill the other guy, then he’s going to come back at you, and when he comes back, you won’t have done anything to make your house better. It’s no different than being in a fight and knowing that, if the other guy keeps on hitting you, that son of a bitch is going to wear himself out pretty fast.

Awesome quote by Vince, he should write a book.

Ads up, games down: The ugly, profitable details about Xbox Live advertising

The data shared with the Penny Arcade Report shows that Microsoft estimates 16 million impressions for an ad during a holiday, so an ad with a $21.50 CPM would cost you a stunning $344,000 to control that spot for the day.

Microsoft makes so much money on those awful advertisements plastered all over the entire dash. It’s even more awful it appears they make over a billion dollars a year in XBL gold subs on top of selling ads.

Netflix’s lost year: The inside story of the price-hike train wreck

They are still aggressively priced at $8 per month for streaming or $16 for DVD and streaming. Nobody, not Apple, Google, HBO or Amazon, comes close to offering access to as much content for the same price.

Even at the time of the price hikes it brings even a larger conversation of the value of media and entertainment to the masses. Right now you can watch four seasons of Breaking Bad and if you can do that in a month it’s $8 dollars. Walk into Best Buy and buy the DVD’s it’s $110.

Boxed in, wanting out

Managing the volume of possessions is such a crushing problem in many homes that it elevates levels of stress hormones for mothers. Even families who invested in outdoor décor and improvements were too busy to go outside and enjoy their new decks. Most families rely heavily on convenience foods even though all those frozen stir-frys and pot stickers saved them only about 11 minutes per meal.

Via vanlandw.com reader (one of about three) Flo. Most of this comes from the new book Life at Home in the Twenty-first Century: 32 Families Open their Doors that Amazon has a generious “Look Inside” on their site with photos and more. Everybody has too much stuff myself included.

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