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Google Maps is Just Unreal

I was talking to dutch today about my trip to Chicago to visit R***y this past weekend. We ended up getting into some google maps and playing around with street view. Since I didn’t have my camera and didn’t document my trip here are a few good street view shots.

My favorite place from the weekend Marshall McGearty. ‘The Earl’ has stolen my heart….

Dutch’s street. He’s down in wicker park.

R***y’s street and apartment and where I parked my car for the weekend.

The 7-Eleven where I purchased a Game Fuel slurpee.

I also attended Danny’s Bar that has the best matchbook I’ve ever seen and $2.00 PBR’s. Mostly I drove 300 miles to see R**s, drink, and eat alot. If I have some more time I’ll add some additional shots.

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  1. Kramer says:

    LOL at Russ in a cowboy hat.

  2. MG says:

    LOL at GRBOMR in a Carhart.

  3. bun says:

    hate u guys

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