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Heroics – A “Guitar Hero” Music Video

Today I finally got around to putting the Guitar Hero video footage online. Vanbergs did some good editing on my iMac using iMovie and it turned out fantasticly. There are multiple ways to obtain the video. I’ve uploaded it on YouTube to spare the-bob.org some bandwidth. I also created an iPod Video compatible version as well. This is a must watch for anybody who is a fan of r*********e, .hw, or even myself. The reaction to this video is just taking the internet by storm (make sure to read what Kaobasa said).

YouTube – Heroics – A “Guitar Hero” Music Video

ipod video .m4v – Heroics – A “Guitar Hero” Music Video

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  1. Em says:

    That was great. I quite enjoyed it!!!

  2. Kramer says:

    I believe ‘epic’ is the only way to describe that.

    I cannot wait to play Guitar Hero next week.

  3. vanlandw says:

    I’m glad everybody is liking it. The camera men and the editor (vanbergs) put a lot of work into it. I just clicked a few buttons and waited.

    Guitar Hero is a game I thought I would totally dislike but after spending time with it I feel the absolute opposite. I still suck but it’s so much fun. Hopefully in the future we can get some more footage and put together a sequel.

    If anybody has an video iPod please try the ipod video and get back to me to see if it worked and displays well on the little screen?

  4. Em says:

    Adam says he will try. I will get back to ya.

  5. Em says:

    I am happy to report that it works wonderfully on the iPod Video. In fact I think that it looked better on it than it did on my computer. The only thing we found was that the sound only came out of one earphone. When we listen to anything else both ear pieces worked. So again, I say Awesome!!

  6. vanbergs says:

    I must say that it pleases me that you all have enjoyed the video. Without vanlandw’s help, it would not have made it to the masses. We drank stones last night.

  7. vanlandw says:

    thank you skinners for checking that for me….yeah the app i used put the sound in mono for some reason. i’m not sure why it did that but i will remember that for next time.

    and yes vanbergs…..we consumed stones :-[

  8. bun says:

    that was really funny. thank you for including footage of me commenting on vanland’ws wonderful shirt. fortunately vanbergs was not taping the next morning when i woke up on van’s couch.

  9. Utterly impressed by the fact that the van’s have rendered Hw “:[”

    Stones are evil >:-O

  10. vanlandw says:

    lmfao….rusty yes the footage of me you and hw on the couch is priceless…..that is one of my favorite parts

    hw..you deserve to be ashamed….you really were a gutiar hero for a night…you also didn’t have any underwear on that day so you should even be more “:-[”

    hola gato….clearly hw should be constantly embarrassed of his performance. with all the text messages and the constant need for attention is pretty shameful. also keystone light really is in a class of it’s own :-[

  11. bunhof says:

    i forgot hw wasn’t wearing any drawers. :-[ didn’t chris and andrea make out that night too? what an epic evening :(

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