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Skydiving Pt. 2

Back in August I wrote a post about going skydiving. Well vanbergs and myself have sky dove and here is the results. (NSFW Language)

To put this matter to rest skydiving was fantastic. Other then getting rained out the first scheduled day I couldn’t imagine having as much fun as I ended up having. Premier Skydiving was a great place for a first timer like myself and all the staff and patrons were great. Personally I would suggest anybody who has the ticker for it to give skydiving a shot. For the most part I never feared for my life and the thrill is totally worth it. Would I go again? I don’t think so for me it was a one time shot and having the video is sweet. Hope everybody enjoys once again vanbergs has created a masterpiece.

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  1. vanbergs says:

    Best post you’ve ever made. I am glad you enjoyed the video and the duration at sky diving vanlandw :-)

  2. Kramer says:

    I love how Wes has the jumpsuit and the helmet on and Vanbergs is just wearing whatever was laying on the floor that morning.

  3. vanlandw says:

    This was a pretty good post I cannot lie. I’ve needed to get back to posting for a long time and this was a loose end I forgot to mention.

    Kramer – Trust me if I knew I didn’t need to wear that oversized jumpsuit and helmet I wouldn’t have. Vanbergs’s jumper guy was cooler then mine plus I went first.

    I am vanlandw

  4. chouse says:

    best video post ever

  5. bun says:

    i love how steve chose sigur ros for the beginning of that clip – a band i’m pretty sure he has personally mocked me for liking at least twice. j/k i love steve and vanlandw you two are amazing i shoould probably have gone skydiving it looks amazing. i’m looking into some places to do it right over Chicago. if you guys are interested flying face first at skyscrapers let me know. also im going to see behemoth and job for a cowboy very soon. be jealous. :P

  6. vanbergs says:

    Russ – the only reason I chose that song is because it’s in “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” and it just kinda “worked” with the footage :-P Other than that, Sigur Ros is too strange and foreign for my blood ;-)

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