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Your Biometric Screen Results 2007

At work I’ve joined the “Healthy Lifestyles Incentive Program“.  My reasons of joining are mostly financial (completing the program gives me $25 dollars off my insurance premiums per pay period plus other incentives)  but recently I have been taking a small interest in my health.

Today I went into work a little early and got a biometric screening.  To sum up the experience, they pricked my left middle finger, weighed me, took my blood pressure, and I got to talk to a cute engaged woman in an enclosed room for 20 minutes.

Overall I was pretty suprised with my results. For somebody who doesn’t know my eating/sleeping/life habits and just looked at my results one might think I’m a healthy person. Just in case I lose my handout with my results I’m going to copy them down here for historical purposes.

Height: 5’8 (no “little wes” or “get taller” comments please)
Weight: 133 (fully clothed no shoes please no “eat more” comments please)

Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: 3.3 (Less than 4 ideal)
Cholesterol: 146 mg/dl (Less than 200 desirable)
HDL Good Cholesterol: 44 mg/dl (Greater than 40 goal)
LDL Bad Cholesterol: 81 mg/dl (Less than 100 ideal)

Triglycerides: 106 mg/dl (Less than 150 goal)
Blood Glucose: 93 mg/dl (Less than 100 goal)
Blood Pressure: 112/68 mm/Hg (Less than 120/80 ideal)

Body Mass Index (BMI): 20 (Less than 25 normal)

Overall a quality experience.  For a long time I’ve been curious what my cholesterol levels were at.  Going into this I was expecting some bizzare/depressing/life changing results but according to this screening I’m just the pinnacle of health! I could be a marathon runner if I didn’t drink game fuel constantly, go to the bar five times a week, play countless hours of Halo 3 co-op, and ate better food then Dunkin Donuts.

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  1. vanbergs says:

    Aww little wes, you should get taller and eat more :-P

  2. Adam says:

    Wow wes, you are skinny. I would have pegged you at least 160 last time I saw you.

    Of course, my 4+ inches count for a lot. Plus, I’m taller than you.

  3. bun says:

    i love you vanlandw nevermind these naysayers you should come visit the teee in chicago i am bun brb ef steve.

  4. Jeff says:

    Irony. I eat better than you, and work out regularly. And the only thing that I have that is in the recomended zones are triglycerides, blood glucose, and blood pressure.

    I’d say pick it up, but apparent sloth is working well for you. :razz:

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