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Beer #0 – Short’s Kolsch 45

When it comes to beer criticism I don’t know the difference between A.S.T.M.O’s to S.R.M’s to E.F.Y.O.U’s. Best leave it to the pro’s if you ask me.

Michigan and it’s beer’verse is appearing to become a thing. With Grand Rapids sharing the national honor of  Beer City USA 2012 it’s suggested to know your shit about local beer around here. Sure it’s not all roses with the recent announcement of Michigan Brewing Company and it’s assets being sold at auction but there will remain plenty of good brewers.

This finally comes full circle to Short’s Kolsch 45. After a visit to the actual pub and leaving more then impressed I felt compelled to pick up a six pack and throw back a few after work this evening.

It’s easy to get Kolsch and Grolsch confused. After reading both Wikipedia entries they still have a semblance of being the same damned thing. Unlike the Grolsch thankfully Short’s Kolsch doesn’t come in a green bottle. The actual beer has a light apperance both in body and color. Taste has an element of hops along side a scent of grain. Clearly built to be consumed during a Michigan heat wave I drank a few of these in a competetors glass highly chilled and recommend all to do the same.

Short’s Kolsch 45 Debut Release
5.5% ABV

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