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Change is the only constant

First let me apologize for the lack of updates here. There isn’t an excuse for my actions. Well there is and I’m going to tell it to you. The main reason is that I don’t really have anything that positive to write about. The tail end of the summer has been pretty standard fair and I’ve lost a little bit of my interest to publishing content on the web. My previous posts since July have been mostly forced in an attempt to keep up with jjafuller and since then I’ve given my online presence less and less thought.

For the last two months I’ve been trying to cut my online time down a bit. Not remove it but take an hour here and there to do something different with it. For a long time I was focusing on WAY to many things online. I was posting pictures on flickr, working on bauercount, and I’ve gotten to a point to where it was too much. For the most part I’m sure everybody reaches a point similar to mine.
Another thing I’ve learned is that I can get most of my daily computer activities out of the way in such a less amount of time. After reading Timothy Ferriss book and blog posts about E-Mail Detox I’ve cut my e-mail and web surfing time down maybe 85% as of late. Most of my free computer time is chatting with my friends, and watching good content rather then browsing.

The thing is that it feels great cutting back a bit and making an effort to disconnect. In the mornings going for a walk and reading feels so much better then reading cnn news stories and chatting. After work rather then going straight home and hopping on the computer it’s so much better having five PBR’s at Logans and watching MNF with friends. There are days over this summer I can remember waking up and sitting in front of the computer until I went to work. Working eight hours in front of the computer, and going right home and sitting in front of the computer for the majority of the night.

It all boils down to I’ve had a lot of changes in my life and I’m trying to not let that change own me anymore. This weekend I’m going home to visit family. The weekend after that I’m going to visit R***y in Chicago. Some how I’m winning my fantasy football league. Skydiving was amazing and video should be up soon. The Nintendo Wii is still amazing, and Halo 3 is amazing. Coney Island is my favorite place in the world. 24 is pretty much doomed. BRB

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    As always, I admire you.

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