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Nintendo Wii

This past Saturday I purchased a Nintendo Wii.  With the recent release of Metroid Prime 3 now was as good of time as any.

My quest for a Wii really wasn’t that difficult. Since they have been released back in November of 2006 I’ve only seen one system on store shelves and at that time I wasn’t in the position to buy one. This weekend I said I will make a MINOR effort to see if I could pull the plug and make the purchase.

My first stop was Meijers.  There was need to go anyway because the cats needed litter and food.  No dice at Meijers.  The day was nice so I decided WTF lets go to Best Buy. As I’m driving up to park I see some tool walking out with with on so I go in and see just a stack of Wii’s.

I ended up purchasing Wii Play, Metroid Prime 3, and an extra Nunchuk.  From my birthday I had $70 in gift certificates so the money hurt wasn’t so bad.  So far it’s been a fun purchase. Playing four person tennis was a blast, bowling rules, and Metroid Prime 3 rocks even though I’m not that far into it.

If anybody wants to send me messages or whatnot my Wii Number is 6035 8457 6609 7735.

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  1. FLO says:

    I am in love with the Wii. We just need more games. A shooter would be nice.

  2. vanbergs says:

    Tell Nintendo/Third parties to actually make some shooters instead of the cutesy shite currently offered. Brb french toast with mickeyvb.

  3. MG says:

    How do you play a game like Brain Academy on the Wii? Are all of Wii’s games movement related?

  4. bun says:

    i wish i were eating toasted french pastries with mick. instead i am stuck at work. :(

  5. cechg says:

    Do you have halo3?

  6. Jeff says:

    Wes is a Sony fanboy, so no.

  7. Kramer says:

    Update your website.

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