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Friday Links – June 08, 2012

Sorry these are a little late. Too much Sex, Drugs,Video Games and Short’s Brewery. Or the WordPress Schedule a Post function is just not reliable.

→ Setting the record straight: competition in search

Search is about helping people find the right answers to their questions when and where they need them. We work hard every day to figure out the most useful results for our users, and we’re working to create new and better ways to answer your questions. We know that if we don’t give users the best results, people can and will switch to another search engine.

I’ve been splitting time with Google and Bing recently. The Bing Rewards are nice but really Google always gives me the smartest and best results. This is a followup from Google regarding the Google Product Search changes from last week.

Brother Brain

I’m NYC artist John McGregor but you can call me Brother Brain. I make these pixel animations from old school video games. New content everyday. Enjoy!

Another prime reason why The Internet is awesome. Death From Above, Samus Aran: Full Speed Ahead, and Suit Up Kirby! are my personal favorites.

The Worst of E3 2012 (YouTube)

E3 2012. The beginning of the end of gaming..

It’s more the industry wants to be something for everybody. The conferences were entirely passable this year with only a few rare surprises.  Suggested things to check out: The Last of Us Demo, Halo 4 Demo, and Watch Dogs Demo.

E3 Helicopter and Bow Titles

As anyone watching the E3 video streams knows, 2012 is rife with video games showcasing helicopters and bows. This page was created to help everyone find all the helicopter- and bow-related video games they’re looking for.

Even Amazon takes a little stab at E3 this year. #yearofthebow

25 most-used passwords revealed: Is yours one of them?

Summary: Unfortunately, too many people are still relying on “password” as the key to their login information, based on a new report.

This is using the data from the compromised passwords from Linkedin. #8 and 13 are without question the best ones. People are awesome.

The Curious Case of Internet Privacy

Why do we seem to value privacy so little? In part, it’s because we are told to. Facebook has more than once overridden its users’ privacy preferences, replacing them with new default settings.

Nothing is free and privacy on the net feels like it’s only going to get worse. Also, this article contains a picture of the author’s study that is rather cool. The shelves are badass.

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