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Friday Links – June 01, 2012

“Have you ever loved someone who was so beautiful and pure, you couldn’t bear to show them your own darkness?” – Lots of stuff, here we go…

Generation Why? by Zadie Smith

I am dreaming of a Web that caters to a kind of person who no longer exists. A private person, a person who is a mystery, to the world and—which is more important—to herself. Person as mystery: this idea of personhood is certainly changing, perhaps has already changed.

Amidst a review for “The Social Network” and “You Are Not a Gadget” is this gem of a thought.

→ Warner Bros. Best Buy Exclusive Steelbooks Releasing in the US

Warner and Best Buy are releasing exclusives of steelbook previously issued in Canada or by Future Shop. They will be G2 and price between $15-$25 USD. The list includes:

Click though for pictures. These will be on sale next week at Best Buy for $10 a pop and I will be picking up The Matrix.

→ Google Product Search To Become Google Shopping, Use Pay-To-Play Model

It’s the first time Google will decommission a search product that previously listed companies for free. The company says the change will improve the searcher experience, but it will also likely raise new worries that Google may further cut free listings elsewhere.

This weeks reason to hate Google.

Mass Effect – Uncharted Worlds 600% Slower (YouTube)

Sheer genius. You took a perfect song and perfected it 600%.

This is the reason why The Internet exists.

→ How to Act Human: Advice for Mitt Romney From Inside the Actors Studio

So, for what it’s worth, my advice to Mr. Romney is this: Since the evidence indicates that you lack the skills to simulate what you’re not, you should stick to typecasting and go with what you’ve got and who you are. It’s not just your best option, sir, it’s your only one.

I also liked this line…”The public thinks that crying is the acid test of the actor, but in fact “laughing” is much harder — and Mr. Romney hasn’t mastered it.”

Word on the suite

There’s a surreal disconnection between the gilded values that Jay-Z and West project and the daily struggle faced by many of their fans. Rap prides itself on being street smart, on keeping it real. Does Watch the Throne mark the moment that it sold its soul?

Good look at popular current rap music and why a lot of it kinda sucks. Shame is Watch the Throne isn’t particularly bad but nothing like the awesome rap music from the 90′s. There is still some good stuff out there…

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