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Friday Links – May 18, 2012

“I would kill the world before it did you harm” 

Expiring Dates for Streaming Titles No Longer Available through Netflix’s API

Until now, the API provided the exact expiry dates but Netflix has now made the decision to *not* provide the exact expiry dates unless a title is expiring in the next two weeks. For all other titles, Netflix will show a far-out, made-up date irrespective of whether it expires 3 weeks out or 6 months out.

Another WTF decision by Netflix. Scathing Comments here.  Particularly for TV series a knowledgeable customer doesn’t want to start something and not have the time to finish. For power users instantwatcher.com and the like are necessary and a change like this helps nobody.

Twitter is Tracking you on the Web

Basically, every time you visit a site that has a follow button, a “tweet this” button, or a hovercard, Twitter is recording your behavior. It is transparently watching your movements and storing them somewhere for later use.

Some of this web tracking stuff is confusing I’m trying to learn more myself.  I suggest installing the Extensions Disconnect and Keep My Opt-Outs for Chrome users to stop at least some of this behavior. Also see Do Not Track hopefully being able to stop this stuff gets easier and widely adopted.

As I Lay Dying The Blinding of False Light (Innerpartysystem Remix) (YouTube)

I LOVE THIS REMIX! It makes dubstep sound good. :D

I don’t know shit about Dubstep but I do know metal. AILD has a new CD with four remixes and strangely I like them all. The song above has some nice drops, that’s what the kids call them right

Return (YouTube)

good gameplay and great montage man. good job!

These type of gameplay montage videos are rather addicting particularly the Modern Warfare ones.  Here’s another good one and one more for good measure. Need to get a capture card some day.

Welcome to Apple

“What greets you on your first day at Apple. I’ve had this taped to my dresser for two years. Words to live by.”

Only posted this to infuriate vanberge

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