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Friday Links – April 20, 2012

…in the end, they are only cats but cats to talk to just the same before in their own weaving and wending,

→ Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

In 1950, less than 10 percent of American households contained only one person. By 2010, nearly 27 percent of households had just one person. Solitary living does not guarantee a life of unhappiness, of course.

Of course it doesn’t but an interesting metric never the less. The whole article is filled with good metrics. Must read of the week.

RIM’s Sole Stand-Alone Outlet Serves as Reminder of Failed Corporate Strategy

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.—On a gray stretch of highway 25 miles northwest of Detroit, in a strip mall next to an OfficeMax and a dry cleaners, sits the only stand-alone BlackBerry retail store in North America.

Just read the article and check out the photo. Don’t watch the video the guys are dicks. “Even in Farmington Hills there’s lot’s of competition”. Like there isn’t money in Oakland county.  Assholes.

→ Twitter’s “Innovator’s Patent Agreement”

The Innovator’s Patent Agreement is a nice sentiment, but the loophole potential is simply too great, and it doesn’t (and can’t) address the fundamental problems and dysfunction in the patent system.

Good look into Twitter’s Innovator’s Patent Agreement. I should patent ‘Friday Links’  and grant everybody goodwill to do their own Friday Links posts even though I stole the idea from somebody else.

→ Twitter / @jeffgerstmann

Netflix has really made friends lists on consoles a boring place to visit. Oh, hey, great, a list of people streaming movies. Useful.

Agreed…fully… especially since everybody has changed their privacy settings to no longer show what they are watching.

Head Shaving – Making the Most of Nothing

In this millennium, however, it’s a whole new bald game. Head shaving has gone prime time. And not a moment too soon for guys like me, who would never have had the guts to take such a drastic measure if so many men hadn’t acted so bravely to make an odd look so mysteriously hip.

The one thing they don’t mention is the economics of cutting ones own hair. The article talks about the “bic” domes (full razor shave) but most people I think just buzz their hair down #1 and reap the benefits of saving hundreds of dollars a year in haircuts.I’m fairly certain it was Stephen Richards from Taproot that got me into doing the buzz cut for a decade.

Are TV and Video Games Making Kids Fat?

Children burned roughly twice as many calories playing Tekken 3 as they did sitting in one place, which translates to an extra 40 to 80 calories burned every hour. In other words, this traditional, “passive” video game was itself providing children with a form of exercise.

That is awesome. Also see ‘Is sugar toxic?‘ and ‘The Crisis in American Walking‘. The ‘everything is killing you and bad for you’ post of the week.

Flood Of Trials Evolution Players Take Down Microsoft’s Servers

The game went live yesterday, and over 100,000 players downloaded it and began posting their scores to the leaderboards. Because of the onslaught of new users, servers went down and resulted in error messages when leaderboards were accessed.

Good stuff. Looks like vanberge wasn’t alone having Trials Evolution issues. This should be fixed and everybody should pick up the game. Well worth a measly $15 bucks. Skip a fat burger lunch and get some Trials instead. Better for the ticker…but barely.

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Wes, you need a shoutbox or something. I keep derailing your posts.

    How is your site doing trafficwise, is it about the same as always, or is it on life support?

  2. vanlandw says:

    Derail them. I don’t post anywhere else other then vanlandw.com so if anybody wants anything from me they have to come here.

    According to Google Analytics I had 46 visitors yesterday. The site now is primarily for regulars and myself anymore.

    Since Google Reader perished I don’t have anywhere to post stuff anymore and I’m sure as hell not putting them on FB or Twitter. Hopefully everybody likes Friday Links and the crap I’ve been putting up recently.

  3. chouse says:

    Yeah Wes I heart this curated Friday linkage. Always good stuff I haven’t seen.

  4. vanlandw says:

    Glad you like it chouse. For awhile I was debating doing vanlandw.com as a “linked list” type site but I didn’t want to cutter up my real posts and I didn’t want to be posting daily. This might change down the line but not now, maybe with a redesign? I liked the idea of once a week you can come here if you want, spend 5 mins and maybe see something cool. Then one doesn’t need to have to spend any more time thinking about vanlandw then that.

    The feedback I’ve gotten has been mostly positive so I’ll keep with it.

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