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Friday Links – March 30, 2012

This made me laugh. This made me want to drink beer. This made me remember there are actually good movies.

What happened to action movies?

See, Hollywood in the 1980s knew something that today’s filmmakers have forgotten. They knew that you could lure people to the theater with the promise of titillation, and sucker-punch them with a story of real substance. They knew that action was about pulling the camera back and letting the viewer see where the antagonists were in relation to one another, and what they were doing, and why. They knew that someone could be part man, part machine, and all cop.

Movies from the 80′s seem to be the games of today. It’s a shame so much American movie making sucks ass these days. It’s almost not a matter that the movies are “bad” it’s more a feeling  “nobody makes movies for me”. Note: Need to watch Robocop soon.

→ Anterior - Venomous – Youtube

Sit the fuck down little boy
I’ve seen a million like you
And I wish everyone could see
Cold heart and hollow mind
This story’s getting so old and dire
It’s rehashed pathetic and weak


Angel Vivaldi – A Mercurian Summer – Youtube

Where is the rest of the band in this video?

@jb6964 He IS the Band

Vanbergs showed this to me awhile back and Angel is awesome. That give $5 to get $10 from Amazon a few weeks ago? Buying his albums is where that went.

Is Best Buy following CompUSA, Circuit City to certain doom?

The basic pattern that CompUSA (closed brick-and-mortar stores in 2007) and Circuit City (closed stores in 2008) followed was: first select stores were closed, then more were closed, then all stores were shuttered or sold off.

Is this Best Buy’s fate?

No way Best Buy is going to “die”. I still maintain they are the best (ugh) brick and mortar selling all the stuff people want these days. I would like to see them to find a way to leverage their best asset (store pickup), and maintain prices on media that people will actually want to pay. AKA being “The Best Buy”. People are smart (especially in Michigan) knowing Amazon has lower prices, free shipping, no sales tax and are willing to wait to a bit to save dough.

→ The Young Foodie Culture

Chang earns about $70,000 a year; her rent in Park Slope, where she lives now, runs $1,100 a month. As for the rest, “I spend it all on food,” she says flatly. During the one week I asked Chang to keep tabs on her restaurant-going and market purchases, she ate at fourteen restaurants, pizza joints, and cafés, and spent $350.

Food and drink seem to be a pretty big deal these days. I’m not one to talk. Driving over an hour to drink a beer is absolutely reasonable.

Relationship Blues On Mass Effect 3

Over the course of the Mass Effect games, I’ve emotionally misled at least three members of my crew, cheated on two more, and seduced both of my female aides-de-camp. Why have I been allowed to play a game called Mass Effect: Shepard Gone Wild? I have no idea. Neither real-life nor video-game commanders should be allowed to seduce their subordinates…

After knowing the path the third game takes (if I ever get to it)  my female Shepard will not indulge in romance in the first game. I also agree with Tom I miss the open planet investigation in the later games. Article is a good primer to the third game and relatively spoiler free. If I was a good writer he writes what I would if given the ability.

Microsoft: entertainment overtakes multiplayer gaming on Xbox

Microsoft says that Xbox Live members in the US are now spending more time watching TV, music, and movies than they are playing multiplayer games.

Not shocking  to hear. Whenever I’m on XBL more times then not everybody is either watching Netflix or on Hulu. Streaming video is slowly moving off the PC and onto the TV. It’s also strange how people don’t seem to have a problem paying for Gold to be able to do this when the PS3 and almost any other box let you stream for free.

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  1. Vanberge says:

    How is it vanbergs always shows everybody music. Ef him.

    But that guy is awesome :-/

  2. vanbergs says:

    the best part is when he plays guitar. but for real, 3:35 through the rest of the song…


  3. vanlandw says:

    Yup vanbergs just has some magic about finding good tunes. He’s a valuable resource.

    Thanks for the video share vanbergs. Angel pretty much rocks he should be in every band.

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