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20 Inch iMac G5 RAM Upgrade f/ Crucial Technology

A purchase that has bugged me for months has finally been put to rest.  Last week my iMac was running so slow multitasking I caved and purchased a 2GB kit of Crucial RAM from Newegg.

With a mail-in rebate the credit card damage was in my price range and my mac being non-intel any speedboost was warrented. I’ve been working on photos recently and having multiple applications open and trying to listen to music at the same time was getting more and more painful.  The bloat of some of these applications was hitting hard and extra memory should help.

The installation was a breeze and I was able to compress air some  the dust bunnies out of the case. Tonight I will use Onyx to do some maintenance on my OS and when Leopard comes out do a clean installation on my box.  Regardless in my opinion if you want to get any work done with Tiger the speed boost 2GB of RAM delivers is welcoming.  To mimic jja’s reaction to 2GB….sweet….

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  1. vanberge says:

    Use some of that ramz to make a new banner graphic… plz.


  2. bun says:

    i still only have half a gig in my MAIN desktop. hate my life.

  3. vanlandw says:

    vanberge – do you dislike my banner? :-[

    bun – you should purchase a new desktop or a MacBook Pro you won’t be sorry :-*

    both of you are good men though

  4. Jeff says:

    I still cannot believe that you have been running a stock install for 2 years. The shame, the SHAME.

  5. hellokittn says:


    That is alls.

  6. vanbergs says:

    You should really make a badass new banner van.

  7. Adam says:

    How was your PC bogging down after only those few apps?

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