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Apple – Bootcamp

I was browsing my favorite Apple Computer news sites and found a news item I totally missed.  Apparently Apple is developing technology to make it possible to run Windows XP on Intel Macs.  This is not the same project as found on OnMac.net. Apple is running a public beta right now and this functionally should find it’s way as a full product in Mac OS X Leopard (10.5?).

Anybody that knows me is aware that on my primary desktop I have 99% fully switched from Windows to OS X. There are still a few applications I require in Windows.  Sadly I really miss PC gaming but that is for another post.  This news pretty much clinches my next laptop purchase is going to be an Apple. Having an Apple created option to run Windows on a MacBook Pro is a huge draw for me. I would really like to retire my clunky old laptop but still have access to Windows XP/Vista if needed.

Also I would feel much safer running a solution like this with software patches and drivers created by Apple then a fan hack.  Also hopefully they will have video drivers so gaming would be possible.  Just a few thoughts for my fans to “chew” on as well to give me a reminder NOT to purchase a new laptop until 10.5 is released.  

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  1. ccc says:


    This might be my deciding factor to what my next comp will be.

  2. Jeff says:

    I could see maybe doing this with a desktop machine, but I wouldn’t with a laptop. I don’t see the upside there.

  3. vanlandw says:

    at home after the impending retirement of my server the only windows machine i will have will be my laptop that i’m hoping to retire by 2007. i hate windows but there are a few things that i feel it’s a nice thing to keep it around (and with vista i’m going to have to try it out)

    with apple allowing me to run windows (hopefully with supported ati video drivers) for the few progies i need for windows and game to some extent on an apple hardware rather then ugly dell hardware


  4. FLO says:

    This boot camp thing coming out has really cemented the fact that my next computer will be a MacBook Pro. I’ve saved quite a bit of cash and i’m now well past halfway. With this news I may save longer and actually buy the one with the faster processor speed and larger hard drive. Yet, I’m pretty positive I can’t hold off on my purchase till OS X 10.5. I’ll just have to buy that when it comes out. How much do the OS’es cost anyway?

  5. vanlandw says:

    student discount $70 dollars…retail $130 i think

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