Ef You Treyarch...

Re. #tweetsfromvanlandw2012

Not happening…

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  1. vanlandw says:

    Actually all the requests for me to post on Twitter are actually rather flattering. I do follow Twitter and see what everybody posts same as Facebook. If there was absolutely no other way to communicate with people I could see maybe one day using these services (thus why my accounts still exist) but right now #tweetsfromvanlandw2012 will be a failure.


  2. Vo says:

    Worst person ever.

  3. vanlandw says:

    Demonstrating freewill and not bending to constant demands of others makes me the worst person ever?

    Sounds about right in my social circle.

  4. burgetta says:

    It is ok vanlandw. I didn’t really expect this campaign to be a success to begin with. I don’t want to spark another social maedia debate. #tweetsfromvanlandw2012 may still pop up from time to time however……
    Also, I am pretty sure I created the longest hashtag of all time

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