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I wanted a place to put some recent photos I worked on. The first is a picture that Kramer sent from Payner’s Wedding. I thought it was a cool picture that needed just a little bit of work (mostly removing r*********e….jk r***y :-*)!!! Pictures after the jump….

Next are some pictures of Tepper and Gizmo I put together for the gato….

I will probably have some more posts like these with some fun photos of the cats and random other things I feel like working on. Feedback on the post work please and yes I used Gimpshop and iPhoto make fun of me if you must. I cannot afford the good tools so for now I’ll make due with what I have. ENJOY!

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  1. vanlandw says:

    you love me “bun”

    other then calling me an “ahole” do you have any other useful feedback on my photos? :-P

  2. bun says:

    yeah your gatos are pretty cute. you and the gat should just breed gatos for a living in england. brb.

  3. hellokittn says:

    Actually, there is a cattery just up the way in Bristol. I thought it was rather funny thinking that there really are Brits out there that breed cats for a living.

    Thank you for all the pictures of my Gizzy :-[. I miss that little ahole.

  4. Vo says:

    Russellteee got emo’ed out.

  5. Kramer says:

    The fact that Teeeeeee got photochopped out makes the photo even better.

    Tee? :-*

  6. vanlandw says:


    my blog in a whole bunch of browsers fuck up the pictures just go there and view them in the right sizing

  7. vanbergs says:

    If by “right size” you mean “Teee-less entry”, then I’ll go wherever you point.

  8. hellokittn says:

    You guys look so mobster-like in that pic… it’s almost like Ocean’s 11. Only wouldn’t it be “Great Lakes 5″?

    Vanberge really is a Soprano. brb.

  9. bun says:

    the only one who really looks kick-ass in that picture is payner. also, fuck you vanbergs. you too, vo.

  10. vanlandw says:

    lmfao hellokittn…i agree 100% we really are just a poor mans team…no george matt and brad :-P

    bun – i think we all look pretty badass. I wish we had gats…BUT i agree with the fuck vanbergs and vo :-P

    jk :-*

  11. Vo says:

    Oh, am I Bernie Mac or Don Cheadle?

  12. Kramer says:

    Yeah, we do look pretty badass.

    And Vo, you are definitely Bernie Mac.

  13. Megan says:

    I think Vo is Don Cheadle. Why did Russ get removed?!

  14. vanlandw says:

    bergs – :-*

    vo – you are vo

    kramer – vo is pretty mcuh every black man to me as I don’t know very many…he reminds me of 50 cent, bernie mac, don cheadle, and obama

    megan – russ got removed because to make that cool picture up above he needed to brb i love rusty but the picture is better minus russ :-[

  15. hellokittn says:

    Everything is better with bun :-[

  16. vanlandw says:

    i tend to agree :-[!!!!!!!

  17. Vo says:

    I am Obama.

  18. Jeff says:


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