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What Lies Ahead – 24 Season 6 Finale

Promises have been made that this would be an epic post.

As maybe one the largest fans of 24 I have things need to be said. Opinions need to be stated. Feelings need to be lade to rest. After this week I realy don’t want to think about the show for seven months….here goes nothing…

Was this my least favorite season of 24….yes….
Where there unforgivable character/storyline mistakes….yes….
Did I hate this season and will I stop watching….no….

**Spoiler Haven**

I’m not even sure really to begin. Mostly I wanted to write a concise post to funnel all my feelings into one place and be done with it. Most will agree the first seven episodes up to Papa Bauer murdering his own son were pretty good. The vampire bite, Assad and his interaction with Jack, the action sequences minus heavy gunplay (subway/CTU raids), Curtis getting owned, the bomb going off, and even the twist of Graem being Jack’s brother was good. If season 6 was a 6.98 episode companion piece for season 5 I would have been estatic.

After Graem being axed by his father things kinda went downhill. At the start of the season I was hoping Papa Bauer would be a good guy or at least not involved with the main terrorist plot. Graem I would handle being evil but Papa was just a little much. Moreover, with Logan returning I didn’t hate the idea but he really was just wrote in to ‘return’. TPTB then went ahead and slaughtered the Aaron Pierce character having him get romantically involved with a mentally unstable Martha Logan. I could go on for awhile here; the “Jack Light” episodes, the tease of Josh Bauer being Jack’s son, the retarded kid episode, and the terrible ending to an otherwise amazing Fayed Death episode. These are what I call the “unforgivable mistakes”…but as a reminder…every season has had these….

Now everything may sound a little harsh. Most everything episode 16 though 24 was an improvement but not stellar. A little storyline rehash here and there but the action picked up and we did get a few vintage 24 episodes. Trivia: Halfway though the season Jack had seven kills, the second half he got 42 (maybe 43 still thinking of adding one).

Another thing of note season 6 was filmed beautifully. Explosions, special effects, and location shoots were absolutely top notch. Case in point the season finale had some movie quality camera work. The shots from the helicopter to the oil rig were amazing all the say to the wonderful shot of Jack to close the season (see above photograph) with a silent clock.

I’ve commented in discussions in multiple places around the web with other random thoughts on this season. When pulling these thoughts from the web I realized how much I’ve invested in 24 as a whole. For the past five years I’ve been watching the finale’s with many of my good friends and had amazing unforgettable times watching the show. I’ve worked a little side project with friends and other fans of the show and because of that been I’ve been shown on television packages, magazine articles and been wikipedia sourced (although that should be Gun Bunnie).

I’ve also realized the writers are no longer writing the show for hardcore fans in mind. On top of that I’ve also come to the conclusion I don’t really care anymore. The amount of recap in the episodes is becoming unforgivable, as they are looking to pickup viewers straggler fans along the way (didn’t really work). The Shield and the Sopranos write with hardly any in episode recap something 24 needs to strive towards.

The rumors going around the internet is that season 7 is going to be a “re-creation.” 24 fans have heard this before but this time I believe it. After four seasons of Jack working on a “provisional” basis for CTU something new needs to happen. Also the Western United States have been pretty beat up by the show. Leaving LA could happen be the best thing to happen. I would like to see a “semi competent” CTU floor if they do in fact bring back CTU. If 13,000 or so Americans get blown to bits in Grand Rapids by a nuclear bomb I couldn’t imagine working for a governmental agency and trying to score with my co-workers. Hell…

For all I care almost every newly introduced character this year could never come back. Doyle was just a yes-man flipflopper and his acting in episode 23 made him sound like a hick-cowboy. Maybe he’s Shane Vendrell‘s brother? Nadia besides being hot really didn’t do anything for me. Hopefully Chloe getting knocked up is her exit from the series. Sandra Palmer and her buttbuddy Walid were annoying.

Buchanan could return (Jack/Buchanan in the field?), and at the start of the season I would never thought I would say this but Lennox could come back as well. At the start of the season I though I would hate his character but for the White House storyline he was the bright point.

For the finale the first hour was kinda “blah”. Too much Doyle sitting on the beach trying to look like a hardass. Marilyn Bauer doing the way over used “I WANT TO SEE MY SON/YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M GOING THOUGH” line made me want to drink more then I already was. Buchanan coming back was a highpoint. The second hour was much better. I was shocked Cheng didn’t get blasted Henderson style I’m sure everybody thought he was a gonner. The helicopter/explosion/oil rig sequence didn’t have the impact as the submarine raid in season 5 but was the highpoint of the episode. Jack confronting Heller was cool I didn’t expect him back until the opening credits gave the ending away. About time the writers gave Kiefer something he could act with. First time in a long time I got chills watching 24 I loved the finale act.

The best way I can put it is season 6 is as the season that was bound to happen. Fulljeff nailed it saying it’s tough getting silver when your used to getting gold. Season 6 is just that. I still would rather watch an episode of 24 then Lost, House, Heroes, or all the other countless hour dramas. Regardless I believe I’ve said my piece as truthfuly, non fanboy’ish, and being as objective as I can be. Also what 24 fan doesn’t like complaining about their favorite show?! If I have any other thoughts I’ll edit this post with additions. Will Josh be Jack’s son? DOUBLE OR NOTHING!

Thoughts? Complaints? Praise?

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  1. Jeff says:

    With few exceptions, you were pretty much right on.

  2. vo says:

    andyet, I still have never seen more than 3 consecutive minutes of this show.

  3. vanlandw says:

    you should watch the first few seasons vo to see if you like it they really are the best. if you like movies like die hard or pretty much action movies from the 80′s you should check it out.

    the video “Jeff” posted is one of the best scenes

  4. bun says:

    i maintain that this season was not worth watching after the first four episodes. i may “pick it up” again now that the bet with vanberge is double-or-nothing.

    BSG 4 lyf

  5. Vo says:

    When I get set up in a new apartment, then I will marathon the seasons of 24.

  6. vanlandw says:

    rusty is really right there were maybe 6-7 standout episodes and the rest were really hit or miss….

    there is also no way i lose that bet i may just let it go till the show is over and get it up to 100 dollars :-P

    vo you are also doing the right thing…watch the first three seasons quickly and if you still feel up to it watch 4-5 before 6 comes out on dvd


  7. vanberge says:

    You have referenced ALL of the good things in this season of 24, but merely scratched the snow on the tip of the iceberg for the bad things.

    I am not as forgiving as you are vanlandw. I did hate this season. I despised watching it. I wanted nothing more for Josh Bauer to be Jack’s son so that i could quit watching the show forever with a clear conscience.

    I am almost certain that i have been unrecoverably jaded by this season.

    24 has gone from the best show on television to #3 AT BEST.. I could debate that fact to even #4 or 5. 24 is behind at least The Shield and The Sopranos.

  8. vanlandw says:

    I guess I did miss some other shitty things (Morris helping a terrorist and becoming an boozehound for 2 hours, anything involving Chloe, love triangle specifics, jack’s total 100% turnaround towards his father from the middle of the season to the last episode ect…)

    But the seasons we love have bullshit like that too (Kim season 2, Teri’s amnesia season 1, chases baby season 3, tony jack and gael being ‘in’ on it form the beginning season 3, M4 chloe season 4, marwon getting away 5 times ect…)

    Regardless I have to agree with you on the shield and the sopranos their recent seasons have been getting better and better. I believe it’s because those shows are written more for adults and have a stronger week by week narrative. the type of viewers we are we pay attention we remember what happens week from week. 24 now seems to want to recap, then recap some more, then get another point of view on the same thing from another character and that is grating for somebody who knows exactly what happened last week.

    the shield doesn’t do that the sopranos doesn’t do that lost doesn’t do that and i wish to god 24 didn’t do that.

    the thing those shows don’t have is strong 80′s action film style action. that is what drawn me in when i started watching and still enjoy. like die hard and fucking commando and heat they don’t make movies like that anymore but i like car chases and shootout and explosions.

    regardless you have made some good points vanberge and you know i love you and i will be watching next season because i want 40 bucks come may 08 :-*

  9. vanbergs says:

    Good job on the post, Van. Very objective. Personally, I’ve always felt it’s important to give 24 the benefit of the doubt when it comes to making poor creative decisions. However, when almost an entire season was one massively disastrous choice, my benefit of the doubt turns into a Bennett of the Certainty. Meaning, this season was shit, in the world of 24. Yeah, the explosive finale was pretty damn cool and made up for a lot of misgivings. But seriously…really try and think about all the dogshit happenings that occurred. I don’t have the energy to even go through them. This is the first time in the history of the show in which the bad has out-weighed the good. And we all know not a single male alive would engage in coital relations with Chloe, much less get her pregnified. If anyone was presented with her naked form, or a gun with one bullet that would only fire if said gun was pointed at the person’s skull, they would choose suicide. Ef season 6, end the show already, Fox producers!

  10. Vanberge says:

    I agree. 24 should end its run. Only because i am sure that Fox is going to further ruin it.

    Any time a show has to go through “big changes” in ‘”season 7″‘ just in an effort to ‘not suck’ – you know they are stretching it.

    GG fox on ruining a television series.

  11. ut says:

    this season is apart from the totally leet-ownage-fayed episode basically annoying. this family-mess-up storyline is absolutely pointless. the final action was done without “love”. just routinely run’n shoot. this china person cheng should have deserved more attention from jack (and the producers), since he was although one-dimensional but still wonderful villain.

  12. vanlandw says:

    uk – I agree with the handling of Cheng. After all this time we still didn’t get a steady resolution. In season 4 I liked the inclusion of the chinese storyline but season 6 botched it at the end. They must be saving it for season 7 but should have ended it now rather then including the pa-bauer conclusion….

    vanbergs – I agree with most of what you said. After the first seven or so episodes they pretty much dropped the ball with a few bright spots here and there. For me nothing really could save the season though. Season 6 is almost a 180 the direction season 5 went and was disapointing.

    vanberge – I’m shocked you haven’t stopped watching. You’ve been saying you were going to quit when Kim started working at CTU in season 3 :-P

  13. Kramer says:

    I am somewhere in between Wes and Vanberge (not literally, thank god.) 24 isn’t dead to me, yet. But it is on notice. I still thought this season was better than season 4, but that isn’t saying too much. My biggest problem was how inconsistent this season was, especially following the very good season 5. There would be one-three good episodes, followed by 3-5 bad ones. It was just frustrating.

    I’m worried about these supposed big changes next year. If nothing else, Fox loves to run it’s shows into the ground. The Simpsons should have ended 7 years ago, at the very minimum. The X-Files hung around two years longer than it should.

  14. FLO says:

    I stopped watching from episode 10 on. I don’t feel that I missed anything in the lexicon of 24. Will I watch it someday? Perhaps.

  15. vanlandw says:

    I’m shocked for all the hate on season 4 minus maybe two things i liked season 4 alot. Jack’s story I thought was pretty good, lots of action, but it ended kinda blah….too much of a leadin to the next season for my liking but still lots of hate i’m shocked..

    flo – I would “pound it out” in a weekend just to say you saw it….the fayed sequence was really badass but you can watch the whole thing on BC so you may not need to bother

  16. Vanberge says:

    Season 4 was borderline abysmal, vanlandw. Why do you like it.

  17. vo says:

    wow, this is almost making me want to watch this show.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry to say Wesley, I have never seen the show.

  19. vanlandw says:

    I think your just bitter about marwon “breaking perimiter” vanberge…

    jja agrees with me on season 4 but a lot of people dislike it…for the most part i thought it was pretty good….the first 12 or so episodes are pretty solid but really it did have too much marwon

    vo just netflix the first season or download it off BT

    “Anonymous” you should do the same thing

  20. Vo says:

    I have to have an address to netflix. Don’t you have it?

  21. Kramer says:

    Marwon breaking the perimeter was so overdone. Not to mention, stealing a nuclear warhead, melting down power plates, and stealing a stealth fighter? I know 24 is somewhat over the top, but come on.

    But then again, I would rank season 3 as the second best, and I know a lot of people dislike it.

  22. vanlandw says:

    Season 4 had like two too many threats….

    When you think about it a secretary of defense was kidnaped with his daughter then shown on the internet for “everybody” to see be murdered….then a Nuclear plant meltdown, then a Nuclear warhead pointed right at LA. Regardless I liked bits and peices of season 4 i have no major beef with it.

    I’ve read that season 2 was the only season that was planned from start to end. They should really think about doing that again.

    vo – maybe when i get my FFX copy back you can have 24 :-P


  23. Vo says:

    FFX is in storage with my crap.

  24. J Kru says:

    I pretty much agree with everything you said about this season actually. I started watching with the second half of season 2, skipped 3 because I didn’t know it was on, then got completely hooked from 4 onwards. That was kind of how I stumbled upon your Bauer Count stuff, but yeah, I still thought it was good, just it wasn’t good compared to previous seasons of itself. But let’s be honest, would you give up on Jack Bauer for one bad season? I wouldn’t.

  25. source says:

    You ought to really control the commentary on this page

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