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Friday Links – February 17, 2012

So much awesome stuff out there. Then there’s this, which is also awesome, for all the wrong reasons.

→ How To Disable or Improve Google’s Google+ Integration

The Google+ integration, also known as “Search, plus Your World” or personalized search results, takes a few forms. It doesn’t only show personalized content — it also presents popular Google+ pages, even if you’re not logged in. Disabling Personalized Search

f/ Vanberge – Good primer for the non-tech-crazy on reversing or fixing Personalized Search. I would also add I highly suggest installing the plugin Disconnect.

→ Quoted sayings in the Call of Duty series

…the screen blurs away with the sound and an inspirational saying or military related saying is shown in quotation marks. Sometimes, the price of a military weapon or vehicle is shown to give perspective of how much money is needed to fund a war. Here are all of the quoted sayings shown in Call of Duty Series.

Nothing is more condescending then the game that’s pushing your shit throwing quotes from dead men at you. Honestly there are some good quotes here.

Best VGM 765 – Total Distortion – You Are Dead (Game Over)

I want this played at my funeral
tomaboma 1 year ago

Speaking of death screens, death would be welcome in Call of Duty if this song played everytime you died. The above was exactly what I was thinking when I first heard the song.  The whole Best VGM Youtube channel is worth bookmarking I’ve been following it for years.

Bastion Soundtrack LIVE: Build That Wall — Setting Sail, Coming Home

Bastion audio director Darren Korb and vocalist Ashley Barrett play two pieces from the Bastion Original Soundtrack in developer Supergiant Games’ studio! Get the OST at http://store.supergiantgames.com/

Speaking of soundtracks, the instrumentals and particularly the original vocal arrangements are just one of the many pieces that make Bastion an amazing video game.

Letters of Note: The Love of a Parasite is Worth Nothing

In May of 1948, author Ayn Rand received a letter from a fan named Joanne Rondeau. In it, she asked Rand to explain a sentence in her bestselling 1943 novel, The Fountainhead, which reads:

To say ‘I love you’ one must first know how to say the ‘I’.Rand responded with the following letter.


→ Asked & Answered: Max Payne 3 and More…

Yes, make sure to watch our official Max Payne 3 Pop-Up Edition Trailer where we confirm that tidbit along with lots of other facts about the game. He (James McCaffrey) is also the face of Max in Max Payne 3, and provides the majority of his movement, in and out of cutscenes.

This was confirmed awhile back but clearly this is fantastic news. James McCaffrey is irreplaceable as the voice of Max Payne.

How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy

Indoor cats pose no threat, he says, because they don’t carry the parasite. As for outdoor cats, they shed the parasite for only three weeks of their life, typically when they’re young and have just begun hunting. During that brief period, Flegr simply recommends taking care to keep kitchen counters and tables wiped clean.

The title is a tad misleading BUT still interesting for cat owners. My cat drives me crazy in other non-parasitic ways.

Don’t Tell Me, I Don’t Want to Know

A study published last month in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking found that the more time people spent on Facebook, the happier they perceived their friends to be and the sadder they felt as a consequence. What we’re losing, Ms. Turkle said, is a healthy form of compartmentalization.

Social Networks are hell and everyone is burning. The article is a little chicky but makes some good points. Everybody should leave a little aura of mystery to themselves.

→ Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than all the Macs it sold in 28 years

The iOS platform as a whole reached 316 million cumulative units at the end of last year. The iOS platform overtook the OS X platform in under four years and more iOS devices were sold in 2011 (156 million) than all the Macs ever sold (122 million).

Click the link and check the chart. Who are buying all these iPhones?

→ Phantom Menace Reissue Nostalgia

To help excavate our suppressed collective memories, Moviefone asked 13 writers — including one who was there with George Lucas at the premiere at Skywalker Ranch — to take us back to what we all thought was going to be a very glorious day.

See alone for some Kurt Loder action. Yup he’s still out there.

Youtube “Feather” Beta

This is an opt-in beta for “Feather” support on YouTube. The “Feather” project is intended to serve YouTube video watch pages with the lowest latency possible. It achieves this by severely limiting the features available to the viewer and making use of advanced web techniques for reducing the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser.

I was using that Youtube Options plugin for awhile but while it lasts Youtube Feather is best way to browse Youtube. Way less suggestions, no advertisements and the whole site does seem snappy. Worth checking out.

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26 Responses

  1. Vanberge says:

    Q: “Who are buying all these iPhones?”
    A: People that own the iPhone version just before the newest one (repeat)


  2. burgetta says:

    I hate my iPhone. GG on the Bastion link vanlandw it truly is a great soundtrack I wanna hang out with the narrator and just make him describe everything I do on a daily basis.

  3. vanlandw says:


    Gotta be more then that brotha.

    And yes the Bastion soundtrack is great. I would almost suggest people to just get the soundtrack it’s that good…before getting the game.

  4. Vanberge says:

    You are right, correction:

    People that own the iPhone version just before the newest, and people who do not like having 4g speeds, AND people who want to pay 100 dollars more for the same camera/slower processor(made by samsung)/half the ram.


  5. vanlandw says:


    “If you’re on a road trip and want to use the 4G LTE network to provide you with driving directions, your drive had better be shorter than 4 hours because even when plugged into a car charger, the battery will not last.”

    What are you vanberge

  6. Vanberge says:

    WELL, that is fine and dandy, for that phone… But I have the Samsung Galaxy SII and am currently at the following battery stats:

    16 hours, 33 minutes on battery.
    45% battery remaining.

    4g/wifi/gps enabled.

    Google and/or bing searches “iphone 4s battery life” are not really something positive from a results standpoint either. :-*

    Who are you vanalndw?

  7. vanlandw says:


    How in the world did this even start? I really don’t give a crap about iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry.

    I am vanlandw. Not “vanalndw” :-P

  8. Jeffrey says:

    I also have a samsung galaxy s2, it pretty much sucks. I am very annoyed that there is no ICS support for it yet.

  9. vanlandw says:

    Yeah the Android 4 adoption seems slow. On the flip side Android 4 looks like a nice step up. Hopefully it comes to your phone ASAP my jja

  10. Vanberge says:

    “I also have a samsung galaxy s2, it pretty much sucks”…

    Tell me precisely what “sucks” about that phone jja…?

  11. Vanberge says:

    Also, Jja, there are 2 leaked official builds of ICS for the Sprint version that you can install. FB17 is the best and I ran it for a day even.

    Also there is a Cyanogenmod 9 build that has most everything working. :)

  12. vanlandw says:

    JJA – please for all that is sacred lay out every single thing that sucks about the Samsung Galaxy S2. If you accept Google Wallet payments I would almost pay for you to compose a post letting everybody know every folly of this phone.

  13. Vanberge says:

    Vanlandw is clearly at pure fanboi status at this time… :-P

    IMO that says all that needs to be said.

  14. vanlandw says:


    Apple #1
    Samsung #38

    I’ve done nothing to warrant “pure fanboi” status. If anything vanberge you are a Sk8er Boi!


  15. Vanberge says:


    I disagree. You are always “on their side” so to speak. I have no doubt that if you decided to finally enter the realm of smartphone users, you would purchase an iPhone without any other consideration.


  16. vanlandw says:

    Of course you disagree vanberge…

    “Fanboi” is a rather strong word. Sure, I like Apple but I spend more time following their business then actually using their stuff. I’m not a blind follower nor do I even strongly advocate any of their products.

    Opinion, maybe. Advocate, no.

    “Fanboy is a term used to describe a male who is highly devoted and biased in opinion towards a single subject or hobby within a given field.”

    Using that definition /f Wikipedia I think “Fanboi” defines vanberge way more then it does myself.

    My comments started just being a “yin” to vanberge’s “yang”. My original post had no bias behind it at all. The post notes were mostly in response to the amount of phones sold and I was rather taken aback by it.

    Vanberge is very quick to the punch letting people know his preferences on phones, carriers, service providers, and products. Enough Said.

    If I ever did decide to “enter the realm of smartphone users” there would be consideration. An Android phone I’m sure would be good and I’m sure I would like it but more then anything I would prefer an iPhone. That doesn’t mean I give a rats ass what anybody else gets nor do I know anything more then anybody else.

    With regards to the last posted link I would retort saying there is more then just tech specs to think about when purchasing a device.



  17. Vanberge says:

    This is precisly my point… You are saying you’d prefer an iPhone. Already, without ever probably touching an Android phone for any measurable length of time. You are certainly free to make your own choice in this matter and I would jump for joy at you no longer owning the cellular device you currently utilize; BUT…

    Can you tell me why you would prefer an iPhone??

    Also, I don’t feel I can be classified as a fanboy of anything.

    I like Android, but that doesn’t make me a Google fanboy as I have ripped Google for their mistakes and ceased using many of their services. Bing is my default search.

    I like my phone’s hardware, but that doesn’t mean I purchase every Samsung product I can find.

    I liked Neflix and raved about them for years. But when they do something stupid, I cancel my account no questions asked.

    What is it you feel I’m a fanboy of?

    I love our spirited debating vanlandw; we should coach debate teams.

  18. vanlandw says:

    You brought “Fanboi” into this I was only defending myself not that I really needed to.

    The better question would be “why wouldn’t I prefer an iPhone”? I’m not going to go into any this here but the last thing I need is for you to tell me why I’m wrong.

    In recent times in regards to Dish, Blockbuster, Battlefield, Samsung and I’m sure other things I’m forgetting you are very vocal in letting everybody know where your alliances lie. You also never shy away from an opportunity to let them be known.

    What this comes down to is I called you a “fanboi” because you called me a “fanboi”.

    Our debates are for the ages. Hopefully this type of disagreement will continue into our twilight years.

  19. Vanberge says:

    Answering a question with a question is not really an answer; so I shall answer yours.

    A few reasons one might consider an alternative to an iPhone:
    - Small screen, by today’s standards
    - Relatively slow processor
    - 512 MB of RAM
    - Low resolution front facing camera
    - Slow network speeds (Not 4G)
    - Dependency on iTunes
    - Costs; hardware and plan structures
    - Closed hardware architecture (battery swap, for example)
    - Closed software platform
    - HDMI/TV out
    - No expansion slots

    I don’t think it’s unfair to ask why you would prefer an iPhone, especially when I can make a reasonable list of reasons why one might not.

    I am vocal to both the positives and non-positives of many companies, and I think we could agree on that. If you think me voicing support of Dish for their 30 dollar free hd 120 channels, or ATT’s Uverse 45 dollar 12 meg internet as a Comcast alternatives is a fanboy trip, I guess I’m guilty as charged.

    We are legendary pillars of Vanhood

  20. vanlandw says:

    Giving an answer to a question that wasn’t even asked is worse then any crime you think I committed.

    Currently I’m not even in the market for a new phone so lobbying an Android phone isn’t even warranted.

    Of all the “alternatives” particularly the screen size wouldn’t mean much to me. With a phone I wouldn’t use much data and would only care about the available software and overall experience.

    The only reason I called you a fanboy is because you threw the fanboy attack at me first. Maybe not the most adult way to handle the situation but I had to do something to sway the momentum here.

  21. Vanberge says:

    “The better question would be ‘why wouldn’t I prefer an iPhone’?”

    I merely gave a few examples of why somebody might not prefer one.

    You + me = “Bob” from Wirefly.

  22. vanlandw says:

    The speed tests on the video are pretty damning. I didn’t watch the whole thing but that is impressive the bandwidth you can get on a mobile device now. That guy on his phone got 3x the bandwidth my AT&T DSL gets.

    REGARDLESS I’m sure my admission will be viewed as a sign of weakness but I’m hoping you can be man enough to look past that. That Android phone is way to big but looks alright.

    You are a good friend vanberge regardless of our differences. Our interactions are a high point in my life.


  23. Vanberge says:

    It is not a weakness to agree on a positive point…

    I would give nods to the iPhone for a solid and sturdy build, creative design, etc. There’s just alot of other things that I don’t love about it. :-)

    <3 Vanlandw

  24. Jeffrey says:

    My issues have less to do with Samsung and more just android phones in general. I find the interface to be a lot clunkier, and more unpolished. The lack of a decent web browser is also an issue, I find myself using the Opera browser which I don’t care for much all. I also really miss my PDF reader, good reader, I’m using another program called ezpdf but it’s not nearly as good. And, for that matter most of the applications in the android marketplace are total crap.

    One thing I do definitely give in its favorite 4g access, the 3G access on the iPhone just doesn’t cut in this day and age.

  25. vanlandw says:

    I know they are releasing “Chrome” for Android but it’s in beta. Heard it was pretty good.


  26. Vanberge says:


    I respect your opinion on the matter.
    Dolphin HD – is the best mobile browser IMO, and it has flash support.
    The Kindle app is a pretty gg pdf reader.

    I would complain as well that ads in android are a total PITA, but being rooted/adfree app eliminate that issue.

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