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This Happened Today

Wu-Tang was so cool even their clean edits were tight….

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  1. burgetta says:

    1. insert disc 2
    2. skip to track 10
    3. repeat

  2. Jeffrey says:

    You listened to physical media in a walkman? I don’t know how I feel about that.

  3. Vanberge says:

    I’m with fulljeff here.

    But that is a good choice in musical enjoyment

  4. vanlandw says:

    That Walkman is rock solid man. Some of my disks are beat to shit and it handled playing them well. It’s a rather strange situation but it’s a bitch to add music to my iPod so I don’t have much new on there anymore so I went to the archives and been listening to some of my old CD’s.

    That first Wu-Tang CD is really good, rap music used to be so cool.

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