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Action Movie Bonanza

First a reminder to everybody. Mothers Day is Sunday, May 13. I should be away for that day but embarrassingly I thought it was this weekend!

I’ve recently seen a boat load of movies. Rather then dedicate an entire post to just one I figure a few “quick hits” would be enough to calm the fever of my readership waiting for fresh content. Spoilers all the way though……..

Smokin Aces: Not really what I expected. The wide cast was nice and there were a few really cool moments (sniper sequence, overall violence/gun play) but not really what I expected. Joe Carnahan as director is always nice but I did like his previous film “Narc” quite a bit more. Stylish and fun a good weekend renter check it out.

Underworld: Evolution: Felt like a typical “middle chapter” movie. Prior to theatrical release jja hooked me up with the directors cut of the original movie. Other then the ending rip-off of Equilibrium, “Underworld” was quite enjoyable. Decent action, hot vamp chicks and a decent videogame’esque storyline made for a good DVD watch. The second movie is kinda bizarre. I’ve never been a a fan of “flashback sequences” the movie starts with one and was my favorite part. Good sword play action rather then guns was a nice change of pace. Also anything not featuring Michael Corvin is welcome. His character should have died a pathetic Curtis Manning inspired death. He is a total loser and absolutely annoying when not his “Hybrid” form.

Also Alexander Corvinus is a total butthole. On his deathbed he just blows up his expensive cargo ship with all his dead commandos on it. Those poor men who died protecting him have died in vain and will never be given a proper burial. Regardless another decent popcorn movie.

Hot Fuzz: I saw this movie with the gato at Celebration Cinema in one of their new “DLP Digital Cinemas”. Next to the IMAX theater these new “Digital” theaters are quite impressive. Sound is clear and loud and the picture quality is refreshing. For the movie itself, quite hysterical. Being familar with CSI/Crime Shows, and 90′s action movies the parody won me over quickly. Highly recommended now I just have to see “Shawn of the Dead”.

Total Recall: Arnold in his glory. Total Recall has it all. Violence, nudity, hilarity, arnold quotes, one liners, and clones (babies). Pre-vanlandw I remember watching this movie on VHS and loving it! While watching the movie Sunday it really sinks in that there isn’t really a great new “action star” like Arnold was in his prime. His top movies really are pretty damn entertaining. In conversation it’s hard to rate top Arnold movies. There are his “good” movies like Terminator 2 then there are his “funny” movies like Commando.

My top five Arnold Movies:

  1. Predator
  2. Terminator 2
  3. Commando
  4. Terminator
  5. Total Recall

Regardless everybody should do themselves a favor and have “Action Movie Sundays” and eat chicken and laugh out loud.

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5 Responses

  1. bun says:

    there was a time PRE-vanlandw? :’(

  2. Vo says:

    I am pleased to know hot fuzz was funny. Now i can go watch it.

  3. Megan says:

    Shaun of the Dead is such a great movie.

  4. Jeff says:

    Shaun of the Dead was awful. I’m sure you would like it.

  5. vanlandw says:

    ‘pre-vanlandw’ was before college

    hot fuzz is hysterical

    I will see shaun of the dead ASAP

    who are you jja

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