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Friday Links – Feburary 3, 2012

→ Bill Gates: ‘I wrote Steve Jobs a letter as he was dying. He kept it by his bed’

“There was no peace to make. We were not at war. We made great products, and competition was always a positive thing. There was no [cause for] forgiveness.”

Good Guy Bill Gates

→ The Great and Powerful Reddit

Reddit isn’t meant to inspire sustained political participation; the hive mind is frenetic, and I’m sure it will soon tire of SOPA and move on to something else. Reddit’s powers can sometimes be terribly misused, and sometimes it’s a force for good. Question its might at your peril.

Article is a good primer to the best/worst of Reddit. Also for RSS users I HIGHLY suggest adding the Inline Reddit feed it’s the only way to read Reddit without spending half your day there.

→ The Friction in Frictionless Sharing

So frictionless sharing isn’t frictionless after all. All it does is trade the small friction of having to choose what to share with the large friction of having to think about whether what you’re about to do will be shared.

More proof why blogging still is my preferred way of sharing with people. Everything posted here was written, approved and deliberately consitered by yours truly with no filters. For better, or for worse?

→ Revolt vs. Google’s nosiness spurs record traffic for scrappy upstart

Launched in 2008, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that has recently gained traction among technology pundits because of its dedication to user privacy as well as the accuracy of results; it doesn’t keep track of users at all and keeps no logs of their searches.

I noted awhile back I was splitting my search 50/50 with Google and Bing. Recently I’ve also been using DuckDuckGo. DDG has has some nice features (I’ve been primarily using their !Bang feature) but Google has proven tough to shake. Absolutely none of these other search engines feel as remotely as smart as Google does. It’s just like consoles, every one has somethings I love about them and hate about them where in a perfect world one would take all the great things and make just one great product.

→ Final Transition for Bungie.net Halo Services

Last summer, Bungie and 343 Industries began a transition process for Halo data. On March 31st, 2012 that transition process will be complete, all live Halo data will be managed by 343 Industries, and Bungie will no longer be able to update game stats and player service records, to host new user generated content, or to operate the Bungie Pro service.

Just doing my part on getting the word out that Halo 4 will not be made by it’s original creators. Buyer beware come Fall.

→ ‘Before Watchmen,’ prequels to ‘Watchmen’ comic books, in the works

Writer Alan Moore — an idealist who refuses to have anything to do with his former publisher and refused to cooperate with the recent big-screen adaptation of “Watchmen” — called the prequels “shameless”.

“I tend to take this latest development as a kind of eager confirmation that they are still apparently dependent on ideas that I had 25 years ago,” Moore told the New York Times.

You could put that quote into practically any entertainment medium and it would feel like it could fit these days. Quote of the year so far.

→ Should Sugar Be Regulated like Alcohol and Tobacco?

“We’re not talking prohibition,We’re not advocating a major imposition of the government into people’s lives. We’re talking about gentle ways to make sugar consumption slightly less convenient, thereby moving people away from the concentrated dose. What we want is to actually increase people’s choices by making foods that aren’t loaded with sugar comparatively easier and cheaper to get.”


→ Nightmare Customer Service Experience with Microsoft after Xbox Live Account Hacking

What kind of customer service is it to not give the customer the benefit of the doubt in such a simple case as this? Are account thieves reporting their own accounts stolen, going so far as to file Better Business Bureau complaints to try to get them back? Am I omnipresent so that I can be hacking accounts from Russia while living and working in the US? It’s just baffling that Microsoft can treat a loyal customer this way. The 360 was the only console I’ve owned most of this generation, and I’ve spent a great deal of money on the hardware (two consoles since the first got the RROD outside of the 3-year warranty), X-box live memberships, X-box live points and games. I’ve never had any suspensions or other disciplinary action on my account prior to this debacle.

This guy’s story ended up all working out but seriously this guy got screwed over. Another power of the internet story but the moral is to protect your account by all means.

→ Videogamers Embark on Nonkilling Spree

He recently created a new video of him playing “Battlefield 3,” the sort of realistic war game his mother usually forbids. Instead of killing, however, Brock’s on-screen character goes around reviving enemies with a defibrillator. The song he picked out: A cover of the Edwin Starr classic, “War,” which includes the famous line: “What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.”

Video in Question – This story was on the front page of the print paper of the Wall Street Journal. FELIX THE PEACEFUL MONK was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

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