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Friday Links – January 27, 2012

→ ALL MEN: Vow to never see “The Expendables 2″ on any medium. (PG-13?)

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Vanberge did a great job posting this to Reddit making this horrible decision known. The orignial Expendables was a great throwback for fans of classic action movies. Making this PG-13 commits the same crime Live Free and Die Hard did and we all know how that turned out. Sly is still my man for the brilliance of Rambo 4 but come on this is BS.

Focus On the User

How much better would social search be if Google surfaced results from all across the web? The results speak for themselves. We created a tool that uses Google’s own relevance measure—the ranking of their organic search results—to determine what social content should appear in the areas where Google+ results are currently hardcoded.

Best response I’ve seen on the whole “Search, plus Your World” garbage pushed by Google. This plugin makes the idea of “People and Places” work how it should including the most relevant Facebook and Twitter results and not solely Google+ results. I disabled Social Search immediately but it it worked like this when it was launched I might have given it a shot. Great post here showing the difference with and without the plugin.

†he Years – ††† Crosses (The Years)

Anyone else reminded of Phil Collins the first half of the song?

Crosses is another side project from Chino f/ the Deftones.  I liked Team Sleep but this stuff is better. They have a new EP out for digital download that is rather good even though I like the first one more. Sadly the linked song isn’t included on the new EP but you can get it from Amazon MP3.

→ Does 4K Resolution Matter?

As of this writing, the only readily available content source for 4k is the Sony PlayStation 3, and it can only display static pictures (not moving video!) using the HDMI connection. This may be worthwhile for photographers, but probably not for anyone else.

For games (well consoles) display resolution and refresh rate hardly mean anything. Most console games don’t come close to maxing out that 1080p 240hz display Best Buy wants to sell you. Most console games don’t even have a native resolution higher then 720p or run faster then 30hz. For console gamers the next big step will be native 1080p for all games and 60hz for crisp input response. When that comes nothing else really matters yet for displays, what you already have is more then enough. Sadly nobody is talking about this.

→ Rayman Origins (360,PS3,Wii) $19.99 Free Shipping Toys R Us

Crazy Moves & Gameplay: Rayman Origins is a platformer at its core, but it has elements of many game genres. Rayman, Globox and the Teensies gain unique abilities as they progress through the adventure, including swimming, diving, slapping and the sensational HairlyCopter. The game also features many elements of action, adventure, beat-em-up gameplay and slapstick comedy.

Yeah, this game is pure madness as the description shows . It’s like Super Mario Bros Wii but with some amazing artwork and in HD.  Great local co-op play highly recommended expcially at this price for kids and adults.

→ How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work

“I’m not worried about the country’s long-term future,” Mr. Jobs told Mr. Obama, according to one observer. “This country is insanely great. What I’m worried about is that we don’t talk enough about solutions.”

The one article everybody should read this week. Great Jobs/Apple/Obama/Industry insight here. The one unfortunate is the article (not really with a bias) it hardly mentions the same sources Apple contract Samsung, Microsoft, and Amazon do as well. The mass suicide threat from last week was at a Xbox manufacturing facility.

→ Death Growl – Wikipedia

Death growls are sometimes criticized for their “ugliness”. However, the harshness of death growls are in keeping with death metal’s often dark and disturbing subject matter

SOPA, please don’t kill Wikipedia. Articles like are one of my favorite things on the planet.

→ Console Post Of The Week – Xbox 720

Like everything else in the last 2-3 years, this comes down to value, or rather, how value to the consumer is steadily decreasing. Again and again in the last few years, value has been diminished. When is the last time a publisher gave us more instead of less?

Let me just say this: a console without a used game market will fail. I do not believe that the consumer market will support a product with $50-60 games and no possibility of resale. If Microsoft tries this, they are in for a rude, rude awakening.

With consoles one thing people are talking about is used game sales. With online passes and occasional gross DLC something that continues to bother me is the value of actually buying games. If they kill the used game market the only thing I see happening is a  huge alienation of the non-core. So many people exclusively buy their games used at Gamestop. Not everybody finds a huge value in buying all their games new for $60 dollars,

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