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Payner Please Comment

This past weekend was payner’s bachelor party.  Everything worked out fantastic and resulted in one of the best weekends ever.  Long story short I got shot in the head about five times with paintballs, saw countless crazed WWE fans, 22 pitchers of beer, enfuego got obliterated and rang a gong in the middle of downtown Detroit,  and countless other items that should be documented shortly on the internet. Sadly there is one thing we forgot to get taken care of.


The plan was to do them Sunday but it never came up.  Now I’m not sure what to do!  Payner please respond so I know what the plan of action is.  I know last time I had to get a tux size I just did it at Men’s Warehouse they gave me a card with measurements. Also there is no way I’m driving to Ann Arbor to get this taken care of :-P

Another heads up I got my hotel room for the weekend.  The Weber’s Inn looks amazing and I ended up getting a room with a Queen bed and a “couch”. I would recommend everybody getting their reservations ASAP the dude I spoke with today said there were still rooms available.  Also my check in time for Friday is 4pm with an option to come early if I decide to.

I’m straped for ideas for a post so this is what happens my website turns into a message board.

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  1. bun says:

    sheer over 50 comments. is this a record vanlandwah?

    also megan- we should go about stealing melcat subscriptions. i dont think our library can even afford to join.

    he is froggie. i am bun.

  2. Megan says:

    Your lib really cannot afford to join? :-(

  3. vanlandw says:

    What in the world is a Melcat Subscription? My cat is named “Tepper” and I’m sure he doesn’t have a subscription to anything. Why does Mel’s cat have one?

  4. vanbergs says:

    I don’t know how this turned into a discussion about libraries, but I think that means it’s time to close the comments on this post.

  5. Megan says:

    Vanbergs is a hater.
    One more thing before comments are closed because Russ and I are cool – Wesley, why would you rent a car?

  6. megan says:

    I just shared with everyone at the lib what Wes said about MelCat and we all laughed hysterically.

  7. vanlandw says:

    The comments on my posts always go off topic….


    I’m glad you and your co-workers had a good laugh at my expense go**ge!

    On topic I did end up getting my tux sizing done today. A few mins ago I e-mailed everybody involved for the “next step” just in case anybody really cares. Picture of the tuxes following…


    Comment: this is the tux except the tie is the same color as the vest.


  8. Fuck all of you!!!!

  9. Vo says:

    Post 60. W00t. Anyway, what’s payner e-mail so I can figure out what the fuck is going on.

  10. vanlandw says:

    payner@gmail.com I believe is his email addy

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  12. bob says:

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