Ef You Treyarch...


Maybe I’m a fan of irony but the evolution of this story always makes me laugh. The actor Lane Garrison who played “Tweener” on Prison Break is apparently going to real prison. From the story at zap2it.com….

“On Thursday (March 8), the 26-year-old actor was charged with felony vehicular manslaughter in connection to a fatal car crash in Beverly Hills last December that killed one of his three teenage passengers, reports TMZ.com. He was also charged with driving under the influence causing injury to multiple victims, driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol level causing injury and furnishing alcohol to a minor.”

The dude was drunk and ef’ed up.  We all know about that.  If convicted, he faces a maximum of 6 years in prison. Hopefully he can avoid getting soap raped in jail and being murdered in cold blood after his excape from prison like his character did.

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  1. Megan says:

    With hair like that, that dude deserves get bent over in prison. Jeez oh shit.

  2. vanberge says:

    prison break is stupid.

  3. hellokittn says:

    Lane is 26 years of age and 5’8″ tall. Judging by the looks of him, he can’t be more than 160lbs. .08% alcohol is easily achieved, 2-3 beers could have done that to him.

    Of course, if I had been on a show as pathetic as Prison Break, I would have had exponentially more to drink.

    WTF is a 26 year old doing with teenagers anyways? Sheesh.

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