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As many close to me know I was contacted by a reporter from Esquire to do a story on the bauercount.com website. The end result has been posted on the web and I wanted to share. The story is similar (minus cusswords) to my blogpost “My Favorite Jack Bauer Kills“. Without any more delay!

Jack Bauer’s Best Murders: A Retrospective (esquire.com)

Personally I felt it turned out well. Sharon called me on the phone awhile back and I was totally unprepaired but we got though all the questions and in the end result is fantastic. I’m glad a lot of the humor from the site made it into the article like the notorious “Random Terrorist” and other various “Random” character names. Also puting the video links for every kill was a good idea I can imagine readers enjoying that. Hopefully they have quicktime/iTunes installed! A last name of “VanLandschoot” making a story in the Best Magazine Ever is quite impressive. Just another fun experience I never though would happen back in 2005.

Apparently Attack of the Show did a story on the site as well. The capture we have of the story isn’t as clean as the Fox 17 story but it’s TOTALLY worth the watch. Vanbergs was a pal and totally on a wim caught the story. Using DV we got the story with some humorous and NSFW comments. AotS blogged about the story and below is the youtube video we got. Also available as a higher quality .mp4 because youtube blows.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I think it is kind of sad/amusing that the post that the woman basically retooled for esquire is still listed on your frontpage because you have been updating so slowly. :wink:

  2. bun says:

    don’t listen to anything jja says. it was a good blurb :P never before have the sunglasses on your front page been so justified.

  3. vanlandw says:

    The posts I have made have been good and well received. I have a few more goodies planed for the next few weeks. I am also planning on cleaning up some of my links on the right and building a small gallery of tepper pictures I get. Your updating has slowed as well jja! There isn’t really much to write about that everybody else hasn’t written about.

    Rusty thank you very much your KIND words are much appreciated :-*

  4. hellokittn says:

    I’m so proud. You’re cute. brb. :-*

  5. Megan says:

    Sharon Clott is hott.

  6. vanberge says:

    googl ads vanlandw… google ads.

    did you see a big leap in traffic after AOTS ?

  7. vanlandw says:

    On the blog post on g4tv.com I got 74 referrals. The traffic has been steady but doing down on google analytics since Curtis perished. You will need to ask jja about exact numbers but thankfully things should be on the downslope. If I had to guess traffic is about double of last year at this time. Last year in March-May was a big surge and I would expect the same this year.

    When we FINALLY get a big action sequence or if Jack kills another main character I’m sure traffic will surge. I assume most people come to watch the video’s.

    I would love to find a way to make some money on the site sadly I’m lucky I haven’t been issued a C&D yet.

  8. Kramer says:

    I remember back in the earlier days of the interweb, Fox was fairly active in shutting down fansites. I don’t know if they have changed their policy (it was a long time ago) or if they’re leaving you alone since you don’t have ads on your site. Either way, I wouldn’t put ads on bauercount.

  9. vanlandw says:

    It’s a shame I can’t really make any money off of it as it could become and really is now an expensive project. I’ve been very lucky being able to have cheap/donated hosting. Domain name is cheap but really the site is a total dive.

    It’s all in good fun I don’t give a crap. I do remember Fox shutting down x-files and simpsons sites but I wouldn’t be shocked if they have become lax on that stance.


    Worth a read regarding the idiots who uploaded whole episodes of 24 on youtube….apparently they are not going to get in trouble now

  10. Jeff says:

    Ok, it has been a week. Grace period is over. Time for a nice post with a picture and a 13 word caption. :razz:

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