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Thank You State Farm

In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be thanking my insurance carrier. Gunbunnie brought to light if anybody has insurance though State Farm you can do your taxes online for free.

I finished my taxes today and the above makes me VERY happy. State Farm saved me $80+ dollars.  Just an FYI for everybody who hasn’t don their yet.

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  1. GunBunnie says:

    When I discovered this I was all, “w00t.” My renter’s insurance has almost paid for itself with this deal. :-D

    E-file Direct Deposit is definitely the way to go. I got my federal return 13 days after I filed it. Last year I was not so lucky. I filed late and then they lost my damn check.

    Anyway, I’m glad my info could help someone. And good job paying it forward.

  2. Megan says:

    Maybe I’m ignorant, but why would it cost anything to do your taxes? Can’t you fill out the paper work for free?

  3. vanberge says:

    i hope state farm missed something so you don’t get back as much as you should.

    Also, state farms higher rates are more than covering the cost of doing your taxes. :-P

    Nothing is free vanlandw…

  4. Jeff says:

    I believe that you have to pay to file electronically.

  5. vanlandw says:

    vanberge this was turbo tax….not taxes though state farm…it was a promotion i had to signup for something free…make a phone call and i got my state and federal taxes and e-file for free though turbotax

    yes megan you can do the paperwork but it’s awful and time consuming

    jeff it was free :-*

  6. Megan says:

    I have been enlightened. I am glad you saved money. “You should buy a new car.”

  7. vanlandw says:

    you’re a good man vanlandw :-*. i’m glad your taxation woes are over :-D

  8. hellokittn says:

    i’m holagato :-(

    holy identity crisis.

  9. vanlandw says:

    lmao that is REALLY funny :-*

    thank you for the comment as “vanlandw” :-*

    internet cookies are a bitch sometimes :-(

  10. hellokittn says:

    LOL, it’s not my fault you’re always snoopin’ on my mac :-D

  11. bun says:

    im responding to this post ramdomly, informing all vans that this season of 24 is so bad that I can no longer justify watching it. i am officially done with 24. please do not take it personally. :(

  12. vanberge says:


    i don’t take it personally. In fact, i’m veering that direction myself.

    This season is treading on thin ice

  13. Jeff says:

    Rusty, your decision is heresy. 24 has become much more than just your typical television show. So much so, that for season seven they could show reruns of an awful show like Battlestar Galactica and I would still watch.

  14. vanbergs says:

    The only thing that would get me to stop watching 24 would be Keifer’s departure. As it stands, the show is still the best of what television currently offers. That being said, the new season of The Shield hasn’t started yet…I must say that I do catch a glimpse of a de-throning on the horizon.

  15. Kramer says:

    I agree with Vanbergs. This season of 24 is subpar. If The Shield is on the same level they were last season, they will take the crown.

    When does The Shield start anyway?

  16. Jeffrey says:

    I am commenting on your site from my Wii, lol?

  17. vanlandw says:

    I have to say I agree with most of what vanbergs said.

    This season of the shield should be amazing. This could be the first time I like a season of the shield more then a season of 24 but we will see. This season is doing a lot of “good” and a lot of “small things I don’t like”. This season should be alot like season 3 where I feel the second half is going to be better then the first. I loved the first four episodes but the bauer family crisis is kinda dragin and I hated Jack’s dad being “tweener bad”. Other then that though Kiefer again is just amazing but Jack’s character needs more “character moments” and more action sequences. I am far from not liking this season but again this is coming from somebody who is starting to think season 5 as my second favorite season.

    LOL at jja that is so funny can you hook a keyboard up to the wii or do you need to use a screenboard?

  18. vanbergs says:

    Nothing will top the first three seasons of 24, simply because the vile bitch Nina gets dealt with.

  19. FLO says:

    I agree with almost everything that has been said on this thread. 24 has gotten so bad for me, I didn’t watch last night. I opted to work on some photos and download the episode instead so I can watch at my convience. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the show. I’ll watch the episode before the next. But the show just doesen’t hold my attention as it used to. It pains me to say that. There comes a time in the run of a show that interest begins to wain. 24 has hit that mark as far as I’m concerned. The shame is, I’ll still watch and enjoy, but when I want to watch and enjoy. Most shows can’t hold my attention even when they’re “good”.

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