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Friday Links – December 30, 2011

The Social Networks

I consider this site to be the landing ground for everything that I consider most important. I publish the content I care most about here because I own every pixel of the experience. It is also a great launchpad to push fine readers like yourself to other areas of the Internet that I frequent or want to share.

If I wrote the above most of the !outrage! here I bet could have been avoided. A very elegant way of saying what I wanted to do here at vanlandw.com. Conversation these days is so fragmented what I want to share these days will only be posted here.

Matthew Stafford provides Pro Bowl performance to clinch postseason

My friends in other cities sometimes ask: Which team is the biggest deal in Detroit? Red Wings? Tigers? I always give the same answer: The Lions, and it isn’t close.

Truth. Looking forward to the Lions looking good (hopefully) in the playoffs. Stafford played great against the Chargers.

The Worst C.E.O.’s of 2011

The most complacent chief executive in America has got to be Mr. Weldon of Johnson & Johnson. And maybe the luckiest as well, because he remains in his corner office despite an incredible collection of product recalls from all corners of the company: insulin pumps, syringes, hip implants, sutures, contact lenses, Tylenol (!), Benadryl, Rolaids, the list goes on.

Of course Hastings from Netflix and the RIM duo are on this list but clear winner (based of importance of services) is Weldon.

Battlefield 4: Co-op

I think Freddie forgot one thing that everyone maybe doesn’t care: We can see the shadow of the GoPro camera on the ground
ChrisNgWoW 1 hour ago

Damn nitpickers. Freddie’s channel is great and this is another cool video. Somebody should just give him a million dollars and let him make a movie and sell it Louis CK style.  His archives are good particually the video with Andy Whitfield. Still makes me sad we won’t be seeing him in a second season of Spartacus.

→ The Email Person at Amazon Web Services is Really, Really Excited

Has anyone else noticed they’re always so excited there? Here are some screenshots of the intros for almost all their emails I’ve received this year…

We are excited to announce vanlandw.com thought this was a rather clever observance.

The Book of Jobs

It has now been almost five years since the bursting of the housing bubble, and four years since the onset of the recession. There are 6.6 million fewer jobs in the United States than there were four years ago. Some 23 million Americans who would like to work full-time cannot get a job. Almost half of those who are unemployed have been unemployed long-term. Wages are falling—the real income of a typical American household is now below the level it was in 1997.

Last link for the year and I leave you with another America is doomed article. No kind words for the big four.

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