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Fantasy Football 2011 – Championship

I dropped from second place last year to fourth and finished poorly with a series of consecutive losses. My performances were strong just nowhere near as strong as the top three in the leauge. Fourth place is where I belong.

Payner is apparently on his way to “becoming a hall of famer”. Congrats to the top three this year in a very hard fought and competive season.

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  1. Vanberge says:

    Congratulations to Payner…
    It was a fun year.

  2. Burgetta says:

    I have finished 6th both years I have played. I auto-drafted one year and drafted for myself this year. Both years I somehow earned the 1st pick in the draft. None of this has mattered as I finished 6th both years. I think next year I throw strategy out the window and just go with whatever happens. Leaning towards auto-draft but not decided

  3. vanlandw says:

    Congrats to Tony Romo being a puss (screwing vanberge and two of my DAL REC)

    Also yeah I was debating autodrafting next year For some reason many season winners in our league have won with auto draft.

    My favorite part of FF is drafting so I won’t be auto drafting but it’s understandable having to miss due to life commitments.

    The last few years I’ve made the playoffs that is always my goal in FF so I’ve been happy. This year I would have liked to have gotten third place but it’s OK Vo’s team played a good final game.

  4. Vanberge says:

    It is really disappointing to have two monstrous regular seasons (12 – 2 both this year and last) and yet my team chokes in the playoffs.

    Romo and McCoy got hurt in that game. They both typically give me 20-30 points. If even one of them would have played a normal game I would have had a chance. Nothing against payner’s team – as he clearly dealt with this in Forte and McFadden; but the nature of fantasy football is evil at the core of its being just to completely screw over whoever thinks they might finally have a chance.

  5. vanlandw says:

    The best part of fantasy football really is the same thing that is great about NFL football. The tides can turn at anytime and any team can win any week. Ask me two weeks ago there would have been no way I would have predicted payner’s team winning.

    Yup payner got hit hard by injuries but you got hit exactly when it counted and that sucked. I had Witten and Austin on DAL and other then a last second TD they could have both totally boned me and I’m sure their output would have been larger if Romo wasn’t a dickhead.

    Sadly this year did not end with the same vandomination as it did last year.

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