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Fox 17 bauercount.com Interview – The Aftermath

Last night Fox 17 ran their story on the bauercount.com. The video of the interview is below…

Personally I thought the end result came out quite well. After all the grim news of the day I thought the story put together was humorious well spirited. The piece came out very much like the D.C. story I blogged about in January. They both talked about Jacktracker (oddly enough they are showcasing on the season 5 map, season 6′s has just been started) and both where quick mentions of functionality and purpose of the sites. The D.C story was more focused on the mentality of somebody creating a “fansite” where as the Fox 17 story was more informational and entertaining.

I was really happy it with what pieces of the interview they showed. The site today wouldn’t be what it is minus all the help I’ve gotten from others and for me that story focused exactly on that. The story was not a neccessaryly about me and for that I was very happy. I am really proud of all the hard work and time put into the site and these types of stories showcase that. In the future I should have the raw footage of the internet and will be posting it.

Thanks again everybody for the kind words this was really a fun experience for somebody who never expected it. I’m sure everybody has already scene the video on jja’s post but I’ll put it here for good measure.

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  1. Kramer says:

    Simply awesome :-)

    Can Flo get the raw footage? That would be pretty cool to see.

  2. Megan says:

    I have been in the room where that video was shot. I NEED YOUR AUTOGRAPH RIGHT NOW!!

  3. adam says:

    wes, you are my hero :-*

  4. adam says:

    what does that other stuff mean? grid server me, bitch?

    Can I be a node :-*


  5. GunBunnie says:

    Adam, jja captured the video and posted it. So those subtitles are like his commentary to what’s going on. So when Wes mentions that his friend provided a new server, jja says, “grid server, me.” Make sense?

    What I don’t get is why at the end he says, “Chloe?”

    Anyway, gg Wes.

    I especially love all the little segways that the editor put together with Jack saying things, and then having that go into the next topic of discussion.


  6. vanlandw says:

    Yeah bauercount.com is hosted on Grid Server


    jja’s hosting provider

    mostly i believe the “Chloe?” mention is in response to why they were showing Chloe on a jack bauer story.

    regardless any other questions FIRE AWAY :-p

    i love everything brb

  7. Jeff says:

    I am amused that no one can figure out why I put chloe at the end there, but it probaly doesn’t help that it “slide” out of sync on the export from final cut. Oh well.

  8. vanlandw says:

    You are an international man of mystery jjafuller I’ll give you that

  9. bun says:

    i love chloe so much. >:O ?

  10. hellokittn says:

    ef chloe.

    i’m so happy that aired before i left :-D . you’re the best wesley :-*. brb, watching 24 :-*

  11. james says:

    Keep going !!! We love 24 ! : )))

  12. Megan says:

    Now that you’re a celebrity, you hardly ever update. Sheesh. Pick it up, WesJV.

  13. vanlandw says:


    I am not a celebrity.

    I am vanlandw just a man

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