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FYI – Fox 17 Bauercount.com Story THIS TUESDAY 10PM

Just an FYI for all my Grand Rapids friends, family, enemy’s, and fans. Tuesday on their 10pm news cast WXMI Fox 17 will be running a story on bauercount.com that should include an interview with me. After the story airs I’m hoping to get a copy so I can post it on on the site for everybody to see.

Personally I’m pretty excited to see how this turns out. Thanks again to everybody involved, the end result should be pretty damn “LOL”. If you just CAN’T wait Flo’s Photo a day has a ‘sneak preview’.

Update: Tonight during “24″ Fox showed a teaser for the story. Thanks to jjafuller for getting me a screen capture of VANLANDW on television. Don’t forget to watch everybody it should be really REALLY funny.

Update 2: jja threw the short teaser up on youtube….

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  1. Kramer says:

    I can’t wait to see this.

  2. Enfuego says:

    I have just LOLed at the teaser, I can’t wait for the actual story. Way to go Wes for becoming the most famous person I know.

  3. Megan says:

    You ARE Grand Rapids.

  4. Elliot says:

    YOU ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I almost pissed myself when i saw the spot yesterday. I just heard the radio spot. Seriously just now! Im glad i know you!-Elliot

  5. vanlandw says:

    lmao i love you elliot please comment here more :-*

    and yes I wish i knew about the radio spot I heard about that.

    I had to tell my co-workers about the tv interview today (i was asked to work late tonight).

    Sheer craziness I need to go back to being a hermit in my room and start playing CS a little bit more.

    Trust me I’m not famous it’s all in good fun

  6. bun says:

    someone please record this and put it on youtube asap.

  7. hellokittn says:

    the suspense is killing me :-[.

  8. hellokittn says:


  9. vanlandw says:

    gato…that is without question the best comment ever put on my website ever

  10. vanbergs says:

    Elliot’s still alive? Wow, and all it took for his resurrection was vanlandw’s appearance on Fox 17 :-P GG on the story van, I’m writing a fresh intro to it this morning! :-D

  11. bigred says:

    Damn, I missed it. I remmeber riding home from work yesterday and they mentioned an ad on the Radio about and interview with a local person doing a website for “24″. My thoughts were “well that has to be Wes with Bauercount.com”.

    Long story short, stupid “Twilite Princes” made me lose track of time and I missed it. “stupid golden bugs”

    I hope to see a copy of it though.

  12. Alex says:

    Good work, keep it up.

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