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Friday Links – December 23, 2011

Half a billion dollars: why Apple’s acquisition of Anobit matters

Anobit—like Apple’s other recent silicon design acquisitions, PA Semi and Intrinsity—is a fabless design house. Its specialty is creating, testing, and verifying new designs that implement its technological innovations, and then licensing the designs to companies like Apple. By buying up Anobit, Apple can keep its flash storage improvement technologies all to itself as a competitive advantage.

I like how Apple only seems to make acquisitions they seem to need. SSD intergration going forward for desktops and laptops is big too. The speed leaps on SSD has been a major reason I haven’t gotten a new PC as I wait for prices to even out.

 → Playing Video Games makes me sick

While there is little research into video games and what has been called “simulation sickness“, estimates suggest that between 10% and 50% of people may suffer to various degrees.

Recently I’ve been having problems more with eye strain and headaches more so then nausea. I remember playing Gears of War years ago and doing the roady run would always be painful. Though experience to avoid The Sickness I would suggest proper diet, hydration, lighting, and taking breaks (as easy as that sounds) is the best thing one can do.

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 update today!

Xbox 360 users are getting a client update for Battlefield 3. Read on for the full change list. Note: this is very similar to the recent updates on PC and PlayStation 3.

Nice to see the post release support especially to the single player but EA is killing me with these mandatory 2gb title updates for their games. Many 360 owners are still on 20gb HD’s. I have 60gb  and it’s jam packed. Making us install a 2gb texture pack then download a 2gb patch just to play your game hurts.

Peace Walker T-shirt

You seek for the non-plus-ultra of perfect preparation whatever the mission ahead: Convinced that even your basic equipment requires being highly functional, robust, durable and stylish, you do not go for just any T-Shirt.This officially licensed Metal Gear Solid T-shirt, made from 100% soft cotton meet highest demands.

If anybody wanted to buy me a Christmas gift (size small please!)…

Caelondia Masons T-Shirt (Black)

Now you can join Rucks and the Kid as an honorary member of the Caelondia Masons Society, the hard-working folks who built the City and the Rippling Walls. The Masons Society insignia prominently displays the Cael Hammer, lifelong friend to all Masons, as well as the Star of Caelondia, the symbol of the City.

If anybody wanted to buy me a Christmas gift (size small please!)…

Original Danish Style School Bag

The Danish style School Bag also has a zipper pocket flap cover with two velcro tab closures and lets not forget the 12″ ruler that comes with this bag. This shoulder bag makes an excellant soft briefcase for your everyday work detail. Colors: Black – Olive Drab

Had to dig up an email from 6/6/06  for the millionth time to find a link to my messenger bag. I still use this bag daily so it comes recommended. The only thing that would make it perfect is if it was a little smaller. After the holidays I plan on replacing my current bag…with the same bag since I can’t find anything better.

Brominated battle: Soda chemical has cloudy health history

To help stay alert all night, each man has an open can of “gamer fuel” inches from his keyboard. “I’ve seen some of these dudes plow through six sodas in six hours,” said Brian Smawley, a regular at the gamer bar.

Another horrible cliche filled article around gamer culture but at least the information about BVO is informative. Yes, only people who play video games funnel soda down their throats…

A Long-Time Apple Nerd’s Review of the Galaxy Nexus and First Experience With Android

If you’re on a road trip and want to use the 4G LTE network to provide you with driving directions, your drive had better be shorter than 4 hours because even when plugged into a car charger, the battery will not last.

Seems everybody with Android phones are having complaints about battery life. As a feature phone user current devices still don’t feel like they are just there yet when these things can’t even last a day of use.

HTTP Status Cats

404 – Not Found
The requested resource could not be found but may be available again in the future. Subsequent requests by the client are permissible.

These should be implemented on The-BOB ASAP…

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