Ef You Treyarch...

What an insane day “24″ style…

When I woke up and noticed vanlandw.com wasn’t connecting to the mysql database I knew today wasn’t going to JUST be the “24″ season premiere.

After figuring out every site on the-bob.org was dead I thought what could be the only thing that could do that. With sleep in my eyes on a whim I went to digg and found the bauercount website was submitted to the front page.

About 45 minuets of hitting the front page of digg the mysql server on the-bob was not responding. I started chatting with jjafuller and decided the site needed to be moved. The downtime for the site honestly wasn’t bad but just crazyness. The last thing I thought would happen today was happening. DNS entries were done redirects and god knows what else.

Countless thanks to jjafuller for all his help. Every “24″ fan that enjoyed the page today owes him a mammoth thanks.

After going to get coffee and hitting Costco and Meijers with the gato I got back to my “abode” and started getting ready for 8pm and making sure bauercount was still working.

The premiere was amazing I’ll talk about it after the episodes tomorrow.

After everything I thought winded down I get a phone call from vanbergs while he is at work. Apparently a Fox Affiliate in Washington D.C. ran a 24 story and included bauercount in their story. Link to the video (minor season 6 spoilers with clips but nothing TOO awful if you love vanlandw you will watch the video).

My heavens the video is so funny. Bloodthirsty, obsessive, dedicated….SHEER….it’s so freaking hysterical. Please watch the video before the website takes it away because I don’t have a way to save it. Tom Fitzgerald is the man.

To sum this up I’m very sorry to anybody with a website on the-bob. I didn’t mean to take your websites down today and it should never happen again. Just a crazy and amazing day.

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  1. Max Powar says:

    Love your work on the kill count. Great stuff.

  2. Megan says:

    Will you admit you’re famous NOW? That video was so awesome.

  3. Kramer says:

    That video was fucking sweet. Harper’s magazine, some TV station in D.C., front page of Digg; you’re getting famous. Well, at least Bauer Count is.

    I tried saving the video with a videodownloader I have, but it didn’t work :-(

  4. hellokittn says:

    You’re the man :-*

  5. FLO says:

    for the first, and last time in your life, you are the fucking man. seriously!

  6. David says:

    btw on 1/15…it’s curtis manning on the new kill, and it was probably with the signature bauer hk that you’ve listed before.

  7. Bertrand says:

    I have a sense you might like this one. The new colourful Jack Bauer Challenge, and most importantly, the place where you can create your own in a minute. Hilarious….


    Love this site

  8. Jim says:

    Out of the first five “days” of “24″, it appears Jack spent roughly one hour in total killing folks! Jack is badass personified. He could kick Chuck Norris AND Bruce Willis’ butt at the same time.

  9. emily says:

    i heard about you on the news… you’re kind of a big deal! ;)

  10. vanlandw says:

    was it the news story that is linked here or another one? what station did you see the story on?

    let me know brb

  11. mickeyvb says:

    Prince Vanlandw… Kudos are appropriate, and the recognition well-deserved… King Van is honored by the affiliation with a true Van-Bauer-Count celebrity!!!

  12. vanlandw says:

    mickeyVB you are the man thank you for the kind words :-)

  13. Vanberge says:

    update your website vanlandw.

  14. vanbergs says:

    update your website vanlandw.

  15. Kramer says:

    update your website vanlandw.

  16. FLO says:

    update your website vanlandw.

  17. Vanberge says:

    update your website vanlandw.

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  19. [...] On the TV series 24, Jack Bauer sometimes kills someone. More on this phenomena here. [...]

  20. [...] I thought the story put together was humorious well spirited. The piece came out very much like the D.C. story I blogged about in January. They both talked about Jacktracker (oddly enough they are showcasing on the season 5 map, season [...]

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