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My Favorite Jack Bauer Kills

As should be known I’m the CEO of bauercount.com; a website that tracks Jack Bauer kills while he saves the day in the universe known as “24″. This post may sound morbid but with Season 6 starting Sunday I wanted to give an exclusive look into my favorite violent moments from my favorite television series.

This post started in response to some of the comments on the site. People are saying what their favorite kills were and it just got me thinking. My list is not going to be in any specific order. When making “top” lists I always have a problem picking something that stands above and beyond something else. My “favorite movies” lists are always “my top 10 favorite movies” but I don’t think I have a “favorite movie”. This list will be the same way. I am picking my five favorite kills….countless spoilers for the first five seasons. Clicking on the first links will take you to bauercount so you can watch videos if a refresher is needed.

1. Season 4 Kill 38 Random Terrorist – At this point in Season 4 Jack is going after the Nuclear Football. His backup as all been killed thus he needs to use some Macgyver skills to get the advantage over the terrorists. He puts some bullets in a coffee can and uses it as a diversion to get closer to his target for a better shot. The enemy has a high vantage point and to get a head shot Jack says “hey” just so softly to get his attention then blasts him. A very hysterical kill.

2. Season 5 Kill 20 Random Henderson Commando – Violence like this sets 24 apart from any other network television. A polar opposite kill from #1 this is a very violent and cold death. Jack and Wayne Palmer are attempting to get Evelyn’s child in exchange for the “recording” and to clear the way Jack is just waxing people left and right to get into position to save the day. This random commando dies a brutal death… two shots right in the heart through the back. When watching this for the first time with vanbergs was a pretty big “holy shit” moment for me. I’m sure after five seasons it’s getting tough for the writers to keep coming up with ways to have Jack eliminate his enemy’s but this one was pretty clever.

3. Season 2 Kill 30 Aimless Kingsley Henchman – Why this list is starting with characters without names is awkward but of all the kills this one is just remarkable. At the thrilling conclusion to season two 24 viewers were given their first glimpse that Jack and whoop some ass in a fist fight. After getting the evidence needed to stop global warfare Jack and Sherry Palmer are trying to escape. Some brute comes around and stops Jack in his tracks. A fist fight occurs and ends with Jack wall running and breaking his fellow gladiator’s neck. Keep in mind for the last four hours Jack has been traveling LA having a heart attack makes this accomplishment even more amazing.

4. Season 3 Kill 9 Nina Myers – Some 24 fans may feel this was not a fitting death for Nina. As the number one foil for Jack in three seasons some didn’t want her to die. Others say it just should have been different. To this day I still think it was perfect. A select few know of my exploits the night watching this episode air. I think the perfect word to sum up my mood was “elation”. Again a cold and brutal death was the only way this would have worked. When accounting the shooting to CTU officials Jack said it was self defense. To the viewer this was retribution, revenge, and border line first degree murder. “No, you don’t…” so badass.

5. Season 1 Kill 7 Ira Gaines - I’m picking this one not for the actual conclusion but for everything before the face to face confrontation. The rescue of Jack’s family defines the term “loan wolf”. The first 12 hours of 24 will always be my favorite and the killing of Ira Gaines is the conclusion. Against all odds, sniper rifle vs Sig, Jack outwits Ira and gives him every opportunity to end the confrontation without violence. Ira feeling he’s screwed anyways tries to go for the kill and gets dropped. A fantastic sequence chronicled on bauercount for multiple viewings.

There are my five favorite Jack Bauer kills. There are many more I enjoy but my choices are the ones that stick out. Hopefully season 6 will provide fans with many more fun action filled moments. What is everybody’s favorites…anything I missed?

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  1. hellokittn says:

    wow. you need a hug.

  2. hellokittn says:

    who was the guy in season one that he shot in the head then demanded a hacksaw?

  3. vanlandw says:

    lmao yes hellokittn i’m a dork…that is established knowledge :-P

    That is “Marshell Goren”


    Kill #1 :-*

  4. vanbergs says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about Nina not being your number 1 kill. Excellent update anyway though.

  5. vanlandw says:

    She isn’t my “number one” these were just five kills that “stuck out”. If I was forced to pick a favorite I would have to pick the Gaines sequence. I may add a few more but I just wanted to get a 24 update up before the new season started this was the only idea i can think of :-[

  6. mickeyvb says:

    Season 3, Kill # 9 – Nina Myers

    The sheer revenge factor and stark hatred sent by sheer bullet point precision with every shot Jack fired made this the ‘over the top’ # 1 kill…

  7. Kramer says:

    I am in argreement with Vanbergs and Mickeyvb.

    Jack’s slaying of Nina was just sheer Bauerness in ever sense of the word.

  8. Megan says:

    Season Five. Henderson. Standing atop the submarine. Sheer badassery.

  9. vanbergs says:

    My father and Kramer have my back. No kill beats that of Nina. Second greatest moment in 24 history.

  10. bun says:

    my fav death in 24 was vanberge perishing. however, my favorite bauer kill was probably victor drazen. bauer switches over from dualies and empties 12 whole rounds into the man’s chest, all while wearing a pretty slick looking button down shirt. :P

  11. vanlandw says:

    lmao season one jack bauer did wear a pretty slick blue shirt :-[

    and yes dualies is always badass

  12. cechg says:

    Do you have a xbox360? If so, email me your gamertag and we can “hang”

  13. vanlandw says:

    cechg no i don’t sadly….vanbergs does but i don’t really play it very much…you should get a “wii” or a “facebook” account


  14. bun says:

    i see you are feeling better vanberge :-[

  15. Aaron says:

    Hey I write for a site called Watching24.com. I love your Bauer Count site. And for this season over at my site we’re holding a 500$ contest for whoever can guess the exact number of kills Jack will have.
    Come on over and guess.


  16. hellokittn says:

    Best night ever with my favorite webmaster bloodthirsty fan of 24… vandelawah!

    I hope the entire grouping of viewers feel better soon!

  17. vanlandw says:

    gato-la-wugh i couldn’t have said it better

    i had a great time viewing 24 with all my fellow vans and gatos and flo’s and spouses

    i still feel awful but an amazing day never the less :-)

  18. GunBunnie says:

    “The first 12 hours of 24 will always be my favorite…”

    Amen to that brother! Some of the best hours of television right there!

    Just some notes.

    Season 4 Kill 38 Random Terrorist: While a neat kill, not too realistic. It takes a bit of heat to cook off a round, so it’s kind of a stretch that he could have gotten the can hot enough with what little bit of kindling he put in it. Now if he had a flaming chunk of wood, then that would have been a bit more plausible.

    Season 1 Kill 7 Ira Gaines: The rifle that Gaines is using is a Dragunov SVD (or one of its variants.) The rifle borrows heavily from the AK47 design. What I love best about this fight is that it is so one sided. Jack is under-gunned in an unknown and heavily wooded area. Gaines needs to merely spot him to take him out. But still Jack manages to see through Gaines’ ploy and outwit him. Booya! On more kill for the Jack-meister.

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