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Macworld 2007 – Where was the 10.5 coverage?

With all the “hoopla” regarding the iPhone and Apple TV very few people are writing about absence of any OS X information. Personally my interest of actually buying a $600 telephone or a media device for my 20 inch TV is very slim thus this keynote did next to nothing for me. Yes the products are exciting and look amazing for but somebody already deeply invested in Apple products the information released today does not impact me.

Note one single note of information was given about 10.5. This can only really mean one thing. It’s going to be later rather then sooner consumers are going to see an update. At least we got John Mayer!

Engadget’s Macworld Coverage

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  1. FLO says:

    I agree with you Vanlandw. As cool and innovative as the new devices were, I’d love to heard about some new 10.5 info. Like, when is that sucker being released.

  2. bun says:

    when i first met wesley, i never thought i would have seen the day where he updated vanlandw.com about his significant investment in macs. :-/

  3. vanlandw says:

    10.5 Late Summer / Early Fall 2007?

    R***y I hate Operating Systems. The best purchase I’ve ever made was my Mac. Not that I ever really do anything cool with it. I just spend less time troubleshooting it then I ever did my home built PC. You are a good man r***y b*****f

  4. FLO says:

    Wasn’t 10.5 supposed to come out during the spring of 07? Eh, whatever. I’m sure 10.5 will just have a bunch of stuff in it that I’ll never use.

  5. vanbergs says:

    I must say, I don’t really care too much about operating systems. The 3d-enabled one that vanberge uses is pretty slick, but as long as I can get on the internet, chat, and make scathing comments about my peers, nothing else matters. 24′s on in four days, btw.

  6. Kramer says:

    “The best purchase I’ve ever made was my Mac.”

    You have no idea how much it warms my black heart to hear you say that…or read your type that.

  7. hellokittn says:

    I was rather disappointed in the whole ordeal as well. I didn’t catch the updates until well after John Mayer was apparently poisoning thier souls with whiney male-memberless ballads. I really could care less about the iPhone or the Television thingie, yet, I pressed on expecting “news” to happen. Nope :’(. brb.

  8. bun says:

    a market-changing product launch doesn’t count as news? worst gato ever. brb.

  9. vanberge says:

    the iphone is stupid.

    cisco is going to own apple for that. Its pretty retarded to blatantly steal a trademarked ip telephony communications device.

  10. vanberge says:

    *vanbergs thank you for complementing my desktop! :-)

  11. Megan says:

    I have no idea what anything in that post or in the comments means. And I feel a tiny bit ashamed about it. I use a Dell. shamed face. Balls.

  12. vanlandw says:

    Rusty…clearly “THE GATO” is the best gato ever.  When your name is “The Gato” it must mean your pretty badass.  It’s not like she is “Gato from the Midwest”  She is top dog…I mean cat…among all gatos :-)

    Yes vanberge Cisco is suing apple but nothing will come of it.  Apple will give them shit loads of money to use the name or rename it to the ipod phone

    who are all of you :-*

  13. hellokittn says:

    When you say “Gato from the Midwest” I get scared someone is going to drop a house on me. That would definitely leave a mark.

  14. vanberge says:

    we’ll see vanlandw. Cisco’s suit calls for cease and desist.

    They have the upper hand.

    Apple has come off arrogant and deceitful in my opinion.

    They are starting to resemble Sony.

  15. vanlandw says:

    Both Sony and Apple both have bad news in both their closets. So does pretty much any company of that magnitude though. I am shocked they did name the product the iPhone and Cisco has to sue to protect their assets but I am sure something will be settled.

    Sony’s gaming division on the other hand makes no sense at all. They are banged and just are saying weird things.

    Regardless I wish I had enough money to buy every product Sony Cisco and Apple sell…jesus i am addicted to tech brb

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