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The Ghosts of My Life

Don Draper:

When a man walks into a room, he brings his whole life with him. He has a million reasons for being anywhere, just ask him. If you listen, he’ll tell you how he got there. How he forgot where he was going, and that he woke up. If you listen, he’ll tell you about the time he thought he was an angel or dreamt of being perfect. And then he’ll smile with wisdom, content that he realized the world isn’t perfect. We’re flawed, because we want so much more. We’re ruined, because we get these things, and wish for what we had.

Season Four of Mad Men is hauntingly¬†amazing and the best season of television I’ve seen since Season One of 24. Catch up on Netflix ASAP

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  1. FLO says:

    There are so many great episodes in that season. That one where the photo is from is so damn good. Any coincidence that there is so little of his ex wife too?

  2. vanlandw says:

    Yup lots of good episodes. The middle episodes from the season are the best but still none of them are bad. I was happy Betty wasn’t in the season that much she was in it just enough.

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