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More and More SPAM

I’ve been getting more and more spam comments on my blog.  Some of them are quite vulgar and for that I am sorry.  Soon I will be looking to upgrade the spam protection and I’m looking for some ideas.  I really don’t want to approve every comment that comes though but I also don’t want to have people go though some round about way to comment on the site.  I do have Akismet running but too many foul messages have been coming though.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. cosgrovec says:

    I’ve been using a plugin called SecureImage, located here: http://dev.wp-plugins.org/wiki/SecureImage, for about a year now. Since installing, I have not had one spam message get through. It took a little while to setup but has been worth it.

    Take a gander at my comment area to see an example.

  2. Jeff says:

    I would recommend staying away from captchas, because they are a pain in the ass. I think what I do is require email, akismet, and bad behavior enabled plus a set of predefined “spam words” I also implement a three strikes policy in there, also, I put any comments with a link in order moderation (if they pass the above tests).

    It works pretty well, no spam gets through, and about 10 a year get into the moderation queue.

  3. bun says:

    vanlandw, you apologizing about vulgarity is about the funniest thing i’ve ever read. brb. :P

  4. Megan says:

    Russ, I agree 176%. tee-frickin-hee

  5. vanlandw says:

    I think I fixed the problem. I think my akismet got disabled. Also I upgraded WP and made a few changes to my comment settings and hopefully this matter is CLOSED…

    thanks for the suggestions everobody :-*

  6. JJT says:

    I had a problem with Akismet not catching everything, so I implemented SpamKarma2 and Akismet on my blog. Except for the occasional item that is allowed through, I have been pretty spam-free on my blog.

  7. vanlandw says:

    I will look into Spam Karma. I did want to stay away from captchas because I do want to promote commenting on my site and those i think just piss people off. I personally don’t mind blowing out a few spam messages but the vulgar ones are just tacky. Akismet is working out again I think when fooling around with my site it got disabled somehow thus some spams got though.

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