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A Better New Year’s Resolution

Bloglines brought me to a post that made a lot of sense.  Also it gives my readership a post I wasn’t planning on writing. As far as I can remember I never wrote a new years resolution post.  Maybe I’m vain or just private or never had any good resolutions.  Most people say they want to lose weight I think my resolutions were always to either spend my money wiser or work harder at work (both to a degree have been acomplished).

This post made a lot of sense to me. Instead of making new years resolutions replace the New Year’s Resolution List with a New Year’s Gratitude List. Honestly resolutions really are quite negative.  They are things you have FAILED to accomplish and from what I’ve gathered most resolutions don’t stick. There isn’t very much vanlandw can improve on either ;-)

2007 New Year’s Gratitude List
(don’t worry this will NOT be religious or preachy to any regard)

  • I’m grateful for having a wonderful lady in my life who lives right down the street who can put up with my oddness :-)
  • I’m grateful for having a wonderful family who gave me a wonderful holiday season.
  • I’m grateful for having a small group of friends who adore Guitar Hero just as much as I do.
  • I’m grateful for working for a company that won’t likely fire me anytime soon.
  • I’m grateful for living in large house with running water, heat, and a dishwasher.
  • I’m grateful for 24 coming back for another season.
  • I’m grateful for The Shield coming back for another season.
  • I’m grateful Twilight Princess FINALLY was released.
  • I’m grateful towards myself for starting to read the the Sword of Truth series.

I’m sure right after I post this I’ll think of more but honestly it doesn’t matter.  2006 was a pretty good year for vanlandw when everything was said and done.  I made more money then I ever have, took some great small vacations, was a “groomsman” for a friend that became married, and did a lot of fun things. 2007 should be more of the same.  Busy but fun.

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  1. Jeff says:

    So, what’s next? A Thanksgiving Day list of resolutions?

  2. Em says:

    Wesley, that was a lovely list.

  3. vanbergs says:

    Zelda sucks. Brb Gears of War

  4. hellokittn says:

    best van ever. brb. :-*

  5. vanberge says:

    umm…. gato… you better have vanlandw delete that comment or you may be in danger.

  6. hellokittn says:

    how about best van under 6 feet tall? is that better?

  7. bun says:

    2006 was quite literally my worst year ever, but i’m happy to say the vans had absolutely nothing to do with that.

  8. vanbergs says:

    Also, the best part of your new banner is the fact that you can see vanbergs in the right lens of your glasses :-P

  9. Kramer says:

    You really need to put a password on your comments.

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