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Friday Links – December 9, 2011

→ Surprise! Bastion Now Available in the Chrome Web Store 

Check this out: If you use Google Chrome to browse the Internet, now you can also use it to play Bastion right in your browser. Our game is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Crazy, but true!

No excuses now. Absolutely everybody should play Bastion, one of the best games of the year (quite possibly my game of the year). I beat it once, then beat it again. Ideally one would play it on the 360 but the free playable prologue on PC should be enough to make you want to buy the rest.

Cuts to First-class Mail Will Slow Deliveries in 2012

The cuts would close roughly half of the nearly 500 mail processing centers across the country as early as next March. Because the consolidations would typically lengthen the distance mail travels from post office to processing center, the agency would also lower delivery standards for first-class mail that have been in place since 1971. Currently, first-class mail is supposed to be delivered to homes and businesses within the continental U.S. in one to three days; that will be lengthened to two to three days, meaning mailers could no longer expect next-day delivery in surrounding communities. Periodicals could take between two and nine days.

Recently recieved a “survey” in the mail asking my usage of one of my local post offices I’m sure they are working on closing. Sad to see delivery times lengthening and stamp prices rising once again.

Is Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Really the Worst CEO of 2011?

In a very small poll (200+ votes) on TheStreet.com Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was voted as the worst CEO of 2011. More than 58% of the voters selected Hastings, over companies such as RIM or Zynga.

It was just over a year ago when Fortune Magazine named Hastings “Businessperson of the Year.”

The “Quikster” debacle was deplorable but still completely forgivable given Netflix really still being one of the best services ever created. I liked the thought he went from being the absolute best to the absolute worst in one year, not that a poll of 200 people means anything.

‘Steve Jobs’ Becomes Amazon’s Best-Selling Book of 2011

As predicted by Amazon following its release, Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs has become the retailer’s best-selling book of 2011. The milestone is a remarkable one given that the book did not debut until late October.

What type of people use Amazon to buy hardcover books? The type of people interested in Steve Jobs.

One Night in Skyrim Makes a Strong Man Crumble

If you have no idea what the Elder Scrolls franchise is, you are probably either (a) an adult woman, or (b) the sort of person who once beat up the sort of person who likes the Elder Scrolls franchise, so herewith a quick primer: Bethesda Game Studios made it; its genre is the genre that has elves; and its subgenre is the open-world RPG.

Another brilliant essay/review by Tom Bissell all his work at Grantland I’m thankful for. Very happy somebody is paying him to keep writing about games. Everybody should read Extra Lives ASAP.

How To Rip DVDs to Play on Any Device—For Free!

There are a nearly infinite number of reasons to rip your DVD collection to more compressed, more compatible formats. Whether you want to use your Apple TV or Xbox 360 as a video jukebox with nigh-instant access to all your favorite flicks, protect your precious discs from the peanut buttery hands of your toddlers, or you just want to watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure on your iPhone, ripping DVDs is easy and takes about a half hour—assuming you have a relatively modern computer with a multi-core CPU.

Best modern guide I’ve seen for Handbreak.

The Lag Effect: PSN and Xbox Live Analysed

Think about it this way: have you ever watched a Call of Duty Killcam replay and thought to yourself that the sequence of events playing back to you is somewhat at odds with the reality you personally experienced before you were gunned down like a stinking pig?

Oh Digital Foundry how I love you. The videos are a must watch if you play console games online. After uttering “bullshit” so many times getting killed in Call of Duty this explains much of how these games work and really does prove it’s bullshit.  It reminds me back in the day getting anything under 100ms ping in Counter Strike didn’t feel right look at the reponse times CoD are slummin at.

Michigan mayor apologizes for anti-gay Facebook post

Daniels, a Tea Party candidate, was elected to office last month.

Click though to read the quote. Just rancid feel gross even linking to it. If I was a resident of Troy I would not accept her “apology”.

→ World Record – Wikipedia

world record is usually the best global performance ever recorded and verified in a specific skill or sport.

Great example of one of those Wikipedia articles you can start with and get lost for hours. Make sure to go to the bottom and find the NFL individual/team records that’s where I spent most of my time.

→ Ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is hiding his assets

Worthy made the request in a Dec. 2 letter, in which she claimed that Kilpatrick’s priorities are off. She wrote that Kilpatrick pays $314.98 a month for cable, just about double what he’s paying for restitution.

What a dick. He must have the highest speed internet ever at his house and all the premium channels to have a bill that high. He still owes the city $860,000 likely never to be paid. Kwame is also a patron of Sam’s Club, Costco and Kroger.


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