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Five Things People Don’t Know About Me

I keep seeing these these lists around my RSS feeds.  Personally I’m not expecting anybody else to do it but what the hell.  It’s a slow Friday at work.
1. I have maybe the worst diet known to man.  I am addicted to soda/caffeine and will eat junk food at anytime of day. Oddly enough I’ve lost weight recently and enfuegos scale listed me at 145 fully clothed after some Rogue Mocha Porter and Jets Pizza. I just drank a Coke and a bag of Lays Potato Chips while typing #1.

2. Embarrassingly I’ve watched every episode of Lost and Grey’s Anatomy and every episode of Season 13 of ER.

3. I used to be a hardcore athlete.  In 1997 I was regional champion in the 300m Hurdles.  .01 of a second off my high school record in the same event. If i was taller I would have ran in college.

4. I cannot count the amount of times I should have been thrown in a jail cell. I am such a badass.

5. The first concert I ever attended was Michael Bolton and Oleta Adams

Ok well that was awful.  Now I’m suppose to “tag” others to do the same.  You mother ef’ers better do the same.  vanberge jjafuller hellokittn25 jedi kramer and flo.

I picked two I don’t think are going to do it and three I think that will.

Busy weekend though the holidays and I will be out of town Sunday till Sunday.  I should be online and available though cell or e-mail and IM on occasion. I will update next week….

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  1. bun says:

    this is pure myspace. i am going to respond b/c you didn’t list my name :)

    1) i have broken my right thumb three times. two of those times were playing basketball. :-[

    2) one of the first websites i ever made was an online magazine called ‘the clarion’. it was pretty successful in high school, to the point where we had teachers submitting articles anonymously.

    3) i also helped start my high school’s first chess club. it was wildly popular, mostly because teachers would let kids out of study hall to go out to the commons and play matches

    4) the happiest moment of my life is actually documented: http://www.squarehalo.org/photos/italy/goodlord_small.jpg

    5) i have a message from my cousin mike on my cellphone that i never delete. i re-save it every time someone leaves me a voicemail. i hit ’7′ to delete the other messages, and ’9′ to save his.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’ll let Rusty take the bullet for me on this one, because there is a 0% chance of me doing this.

  3. bun says:

    nope. i have purchased armor and a helmet before the round.

  4. vanlandw says:

    russ i love you

    jja i hate you

    jk i am glad you shared rusty and jja you should really think about giving this confession to the internet…

    also if anybody would like to post theirs go right ahead everybody else on the net was only calling out five people so i had to choose :-[

  5. [...] Well, I’ve been called out by vanlandw to list five things that people may not know about me.  Begin the bulleted list. [...]

  6. hellokittn says:

    I don’t think there is anything you don’t know about me :-( . But, I’ll try.

    1. I used to march in the marching band with my piccolo. I was kicked out of the marching band due to the fact I’m unable to walk in a straight line whilst “walking” not to mention blowing small high pitched instruments. Plus, I preferrred spending halftime with my cheerleading squad :-[.

    2. My mom used to collect Nancy Drew novels from the 60′s. She had some of them since she was a little girl. When I was about 5ish, she passed the collection on to me. Those were the first “big girl” novels I ever read and to this day I dream of being a green eyed redhead that lives in a bungalow solving mysteries. Every once and awhile I’m haunted by the Bobbsey Twins as well (which oddly enough stopped being created the year I was born).

    3. I’m scared of the dark when I’m by myself.

    4. I’m horrified of speaking in public. When I was younger I won some Martin Luther King Jr. writing contest. I was the only white-ish chick that read at the competition, not to mention the youngest – I was the only fifth grader and everyone else there was in junior high or high school. I had to read my tribute poem in front of an auditorium full of hundreds of people and although I powered through it, I nearly threw up walking down from the podium.

    5. I collect pressed pennies :-(

    Sufficient? :-*

  7. hellokittn says:

    lol Rusty and his MySpace fetish :-*

  8. Adam says:

    Vanlandw == wpe.

  9. vanberge says:

    gears of war is awesome.

    ef jjafuller.

    ef russellteee.

    i’ll post my 5 soon.

  10. bun says:

    adam != teh leet;

    vanberge == massive;

    gow == ok;

    and yes,

    vanlandw == wpe;

  11. vanlandw says:

    go leave more comments on myspace blog abandoner

    at least i WRITE posts rusty….you should go create a bulletin and create your “top 8″ you wopass

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