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Friday Links – November 25, 2011

Drive: The Abridged Script 

But I’m wearing a puffy scorpion jacket and a denim shirt.

Yeah, you are. You’re a douchebag.

Sounds about right…

Creed – April 13, 2012

Creed in concert as you have never seen them before, as the band performs “My Own Prison” night one (Friday, April 13) and performing “Human Clay” night two (Saturday, April 14).

Already placed my pre-order for both nights. Who else is coming with me?!

Detroit Lions | Gridiron Heroes

Still one of the oldest team fight songs in the NFL, Gridiron Heroes is still played after every Lions score. The tradition has been carried over to Ford Field.

The absolute best fight song ever composed.

Metal Gear Solid And The Uncommon In The Common

Throughout MGS, every character and boss reveals to you the ways their childhood and their relationships with family or lack thereof shaped their lens on war and informed their actions. At the end of the game, Snake learns where he himself comes from: He, like his rival, Liquid, are “sons” — direct copies, more like — of Big Boss. Isn’t it interesting to think of your ultimate rival as your original progenitor, an ending that’s a beginning?

Nice look at Metal Gear. The “ending that’s a beginning” is a perfect way of putting it. All the Metal Gear games give you definite endings with a small glimpse into the future. Most games give you half endings selling the future.

Van Andel Institute’s cancer research gets multi-million-dollar boost from Dell

kwoodgr November 10, 2011 at 6:13PM

Certainly an encouragment to (again) buy a Dell

The absolute only comment on this press release. Great news for pediatric cancer patients in West Michigan.

Dell’s Misleading Graphics Card Buying Advice

While the text is basic, it’s accurate enough for beginners. Instead, it’s the image that contains a dangerous chunk of misinformation.

Speaking of Dell. Repulsive, they should be ashamed of themselves.

→ Samsung Galaxy S Ad 

Just a few things people wait in line for: Playstation 3, Santa’s Lap, and Bruce Springsteen Concert Tickets.We all have things we care about, nothing wrong with being a fan. -chiaofucious

It’s like their message is saying just give up trying to get what you want and are excited for and get this instead. It’s like a Battlefield 3 player going to a Modern Warfare 3 player waiting in line for their pre-order and telling them Battlefield 3 is already out just get that. Both the phones and the games are fine get over it. There has to be better ways to sell products this ad is not entertaining or humorous.

Christmas Catalog | Tools and Toys

This is the 2011 Tools and Toys gift guide for the holidays. Forty-seven gift ideas for those who can be the most difficult shop for: picky gadget geeks, music lovers, coffee nuts, movie buffs, and men.

As always, only the finest gifts suggested.

Lots of great high and low end gift suggestions most could go both ways male/female. Some are obvious but all the coffee suggestions are about perfect for coffee lovers.

 → Amazon.com: Moby Dick eBook Kindle Store

Kindle Price: $0.00 includes free wireless delivery

“Call me Ishmael” – It’s crazy how many great free books are on the Kindle Store and Guetenberg Project. I was asked to just read the first paragraph of Moby Dick and really it’s epic I cannot put it any other way.

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