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Lions Thanksgiving 2006 / Disturbed Battle Creek

This week has been pretty crazy. I ended up taking some PTO for a few days and with the holiday gave me a nice five day weekend. On Tuesday I ended up driving home after work and hanging out. On Wednesday I saw Borat (pretty good) and Casino Royale (recommended by vanlandw highly). I also bought some new shoe laces.

On Thanksgiving brought the Lions game vs the Dolphins. I was at the game and it was a good time minus the Lions getting obliterated. Joey Harrington ended up being the hero for the Dolphins the Lions fans wish he could have been for us. He took all the abuse Lions fans could throw at him and pretty much spat in all their faces by the third quarter of the game. Some interesting tidbits from the game (R***y/vanberge bulleted list coming)….

  • The Lions got introduced to Korn – Blind.
  • The Dolphins got introduced to Billy Joel – Piano Man. Clear burn by Ford Field directed towards Joey Harrington who is a “concert-caliber jazz and classical piano player”.
  • During the halftime show the fireworks failed twice before working.
  • At the start of the second half it was foggy in the stadium because of said fireworks (personally asked twice why the stadium was foggy).
  • John Fogerty (halftime act) played for seven minutes.
  • For the longest time this was the first year the United Way didn’t have a choreographed halftime show (I don’t believe these are on the net) while the main act was playing. Sadly they just ripped off “people faking going crazy for the act” they do for the typical Super Bowl halftime show.
  • In attendance were two women with Pink Kevin Jones jersey’s with fake jems on them.
  • Crowd was ruthless to Joey though two quarters. After halftime the place was dead and pretty much empty before the start of the fourth quarter.
  • Sadly this year they stopped giving Thanksgiving Day Rally Towels. They gave Lion Tails. I guess lil man has a new toy….

Regardless the game was hysterical and I wanted to share those tidbits. If I remember more I’ll add them. After the game I ate tons of food and watched DiscoveryHD in true amazement.

Friday night I declined on doing true black friday shopping. While enjoying HDTV I came to the point I didn’t want to wait in line for any of the goods and decided on sleeping. After a fantastic breakfast I did make a short trip to Best Buy and made a few small purchases then drove back to GR.

Two hours after reaching Grand Rapids the trip to BATTLE CREEK took place to view the best band ever created…..Disturbed. The drive was pretty standard fair minus Climax, Michigan. Paid to parked and made perfect timing when Nonpoint hit the stage. Myself being a Grand Rapids concert go’er in the late 90′s early 00′s I’ve seen Nonpoint 75 times. Their songs are fun and they put out fantastic effort so they are fun to see. Also I have no idea where “Flyleaf” was. According to THIS they should have been in attendance. Personally I’m glad they weren’t there I’m sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed them. Also read the article it’s an amazing David Draimen interview.

Stone Sour was next and to be honest they were better then I expected. Corey Taylor was pretty much furious but I honestly wished he would have just came with his Slipknot buddies. As vanberge put it I would rather hear Wait and Bleed then anything Stone Sour has ever created. Also Corey’s George Bush tirade was pretty odd but got a big pop from the crowd. Music was good and heavy and fun.

When Disturbed got on stage that is when something amazing happened. They came this time equipped with pyro and bass cannons and redefined pain for the masses. Overall the show was pretty damn fun. AGAIN they didn’t play I’m Alive but the setlist was pretty damn good. It was fun to see the gato just burst every lyric to “The Game” perfectly and lol’ing when Disturbed played their most ridiculous song “Droppin Plates“. Set list time….

Sons of Plunder
Just Stop
Land Of Confusion
10,000 fists
The Game
Down with the Sickness

They also did like a medley in the middle of the show with Pain Redefined, Dropping Plates and Meaning Of Life and a huge drum solo going into DWTS. Overall a pretty damn good show. Nothing too different from past shows minus a better stage setup. Totally worth the price of admission IMHO.

Tomorrow I will pick up leaves. Please follow every link in this post.

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  1. vanlandw says:

    Yes mr. bultman i am very happy with my new shoelaces :-)

    They were more like sequins (sp) but large :-P

    I tried to find a picture of them on the internet but failed :-(

    lol regardless :-)

  2. vanbergs says:

    I didn’t go to a single fucking link in this post. I’m glad you enjoyed the show and got some new lacy-lacies van :-)

  3. FLO says:

    It’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m drunk. Disturbed ruled all ass!

  4. vanberge says:

    david draiman dropped plates off my ass. :-( you have too many links in your post vanlandw.

  5. hellokittn says:

    I clicked all of your links vanlandw. :-*. For an ugly bastard, I could click David Draimen over and over again O:-). Thank you for the fantastic birthday present :-* ;-) and >:-O at vanbergs.

  6. bun says:

    disturbed are a pretty awful band. jja will back me up on this. :-[

  7. Jeff says:

    Considering how crazy liberal Rusty is, I had to make sure that I actually agree with him. So, I listened to several Disturbed albums. Unfortunately it was not a mistake, and I do in fact agree that Disturbed sucks.

  8. vanlandw says:

    Thank you hellokittn for clicking the links. I thought many of them are quite hysterical in the context. :-)

    Rusty/JJA you two are both incorrect. They are much better then Matt Pond PA and Rhapsody of Fire :-*

    Clearly if you haven’t seen Disturbed live nobody has experienced everything the band has to offer.

    MPPA and RoF are both good groups I’m only using them as examples to piss off rusty and jja

  9. bun says:

    ive been listening to lamb of god a lot recently, and i like a lot of their stuff. unfortunately on their live album “killadelphia” you hear the lead singer talk to the audience, and he sounds like a moron. he goes off on mindless “fuck new metal, this one goes out to all the true hardcore kids” rants, and says things like “this song is about drinking. cheers, motherfuckers!”. all that aside, a lot of their songs are totally fucking brutal. they are much better than disturbed, imho. :D

    jja, you rule.

  10. vanbergs says:

    Lamb of God would be better if they weren’t growling hicks from Virginia. Seriously, who lives in Virginia on purpose? People from Virginia, that’s who.

  11. bun says:

    i also agree with vanbergs. clearly all the badassses live in west michigan their entire lives. brb.

  12. vanbergs says:

    Too bad Lamb of God still sucks :-P

  13. Kramer says:

    I have nothing to add, other than the idea of Rusty listening to Lamb of God makes me lol.

    And the Lions still suck.

  14. vanlandw says:

    I will have to check out some “LoG”….i will obtain some of their tunes illegally :-*

    jk i will purchase their CD from a respectable retailer :-)

    and yes rusty listening to anything other then “emo” music doesn’t seem right :-P

  15. M_D says:

    *virtual milkcarton*
    “Have you seen this Blogger?”
    *photo of Teh Gato*

    I worry too much for my own good sometimes. Sorry.

  16. bun says:

    @vanbergs: lol :-[
    @vanlandw: dont buy killadelphia
    @jew: stay in texas :P

  17. Skinny says:

    I need some help. Does anyone know how to publish a SQL database on a website?

    Call me 616-801-3493

  18. vanlandw says:

    Hey skinny,

    What are you doing with SQL?

    Hey MD,

    The gato seems to have taken a break from blogging but she is doing AOK :-*

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