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24: Music From Seasons Four and Five

I woke up this morning, got bagels and donuts for breakfast and did my morning internet crawl. Totally not expecting any good news I got some FANTASTIC news. APPARENTLY the second volume of 24 soundtracks are being released TODAY. Normally I’m on top of these type of things but I must be slippin. I already own the first volume that contains tracks from Seasons 1-3 and the new CD has tracks from seasons 4-5. Sean Callery is without question the man.

I can already say Jack Storms the Gas Plant is going to be my favorite track. On my way to work today I will be stopping at Best Buy and purchasing this ASAP. You can also order online at bestbuy.com and amazon.com. Also I am not pirating this CD for anybody because the first one cost $23 dollars and I expect this CD to be around the same range :-P

The link below has samples….please buy it so they release more CD’s. I am utterly shocked they released a second one to be completely honest :oops:

Happy day brb!

Link: 24: Seasons Four and Five Music Samples

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  1. hw says:

    track 17 “jack orders general tso’s chicken but receives kung pau chicken instead” sounds like a hit to me.

  2. Jeff says:

    This CD is a much more reasonable $15 instead of $24. However, I still will not be purchasing it. :wink:

  3. vanlandw says:

    I am going to bestbuy and maybe the music store at the woodland mall to find this CD. I will post my findings when I get to work this afternoon. I’m hoping it’s $15 bucks and I have a 10% coupon for best buy so we will see what happens.

    Also HW you are clinically insane….lol regardless :-P

  4. vanlandw says:

    I can confirm best buy’s should have this CD. I went the the BB on the Beltline in GR and purchased the last copy :-P

    I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it yet I will create a review of some sort shortly

    I also got to play the PS3.  The game they had setup was some racing game.  The PS3 is huge and ugly.  The Wii was setup (unplayable for some reason) but very sharp.

  5. hw says:

    wii party at my place then – just bring wii and beer.

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