Ef You Treyarch...


Apparently I have been labeled the WPE again.

vanlandw as wpe :-[ 

Of course this isn’t the first time….

vanlandw as wpe #1
vanlandw as wpe #2

I never would have thought I would be hated as much as hardware.  This is a SAD….SAD day for vanlandw…

I will be submitting HW again just to make myself feel better.

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  1. If anyone’s submitting Hw as wpe, it’s gunna be me.

  2. Enfuego says:

    I love you Wes, ignore the rest of these fuckers.

  3. vanbergs says:

    fuck you enfuego

  4. vanlandw says:

    hola gato….please submit hw

    and yes enfuego…i’m trying to but the evidence is starting to stack up! :-(

  5. Enfuego says:

    Mini Vanberge is a complete douche, so let him go fuck himself.

  6. vanbergs says:

    I like enfuego :-[

  7. vanlandw says:

    i like enfuego as welll

    brb submitting enfuego to wpe.org :-p

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